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Does anyone else here know anything about or have any experience with Gelclair? I am thinking of asking my mother's oncologist about prescriibng it to my mom for the pain and swelling in her mouth and throat. She is drinking fairly normally (Gatorade by the gallon to hear her tell it) but she hasn't eaten anything beyond a few spoonfuls of baby food in over a week, and I'm at the point where I need to put my foot down with her because no one else will.

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I've heard of Miracle Mouthwash/Magic Mouthwash that patients use for mouth sores, pain, etc.  Any doctor can prescribe it, and if necessary it can be made at a compounding pharmacy.  I've not had to use it yet, but have had it offered to me when I've started chemotherpay treatments that could cause mouth issues.  I told my neighbor about it when her son broke out with a virus that cause severe mouth inflammation (not chemo-related), and it worked like a charm for him


I hope this helps.  :) 

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I used miracle mouthwash  and it works.  You can even google it if a pharmacists doesn't know what it is, some don't.    Your Mom does need to eat, the mouthwash will help. 


Put your foot down then the other....



Take care. 



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