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Still Kickin

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Hey to all my peeps i just thought i would to extend a big hello,oh yhea before i get started please excuse my crappy grammer as the ones who know me will understand,hey Fox i did go ahead and get that Street Glide damm i love that bike hell even my wife rides with me now.So as some of you know i have 2 cancers one being RCC and the other Transitional cell of the Bladder.so back in March another low grade tumor was found for which i had a resction on March 27 it sucked because for 2months i was on vesacare to help control my bladder let me tell you it did not help much i had about 1minute to relieve myself so trust me i went everywhere but never on myself so oh well i still and always will miss Tex gotta go to sleep now have to work Saturday morning

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Enjoy that bike Limelife! You are doing great looking forward to enjoying life. There is a reason why Streetglides are so popular. Good for you.

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