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Have any of the males had any issues with their testicals post right partial nephrectomy. My right testical is drooping much lower than normal. It is not sore anymore. But was for a period post surgery. I have trouble drawing it up like my left one now. My urologist seemed to dismiss this as nothing a week after my surgery. I am now 3 weeks post op... just want to make sure it is nothing to be concerned with.

Thanks Joe


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between renal blood flow and the testicles. I can't remember the details off the top of my head but, it is not unheard of to have testicular pain from a varicosity in the scrotum that is related to a renal vein. I think it is more common on the left side. Signed, One Hung Low.

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Joe Moose,

Never heard of it on the right side.  Left side is more common because of the configeration of the veins

between kidney and gonads (i believe).  What i have is called a Varicocele. 

At first it scared the heck out of me.  In time; it shrank back a little.

Doctor Wood at MDA confirmed for me that it wasn't too big a deal and in time it would return.

Wish you the best. 


Terry T
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and i had a right side full nephrectomy - doctor said "it is not uncommon" and i am 5 weeks out.  pain has mostly subsided but flares up every now and then - he said it iwll go away for good soon...i hope so!

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I still have a twinge of pain from time to time. Sounds like it is nothing to worry about from the most part. thanks for all the responses...

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Yep, after my Left Radical Nephrectomy my whole scrotum was black and blue and the left side was numb. I was very concerned but my Doc said not to worry. That was November 2013. Now everything is pretty much back to normal, only a slight feeling of numbness. Time heals all wounds.

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I had a full nephrectomy on the right side and had testicular swelling after the surgery and for months afterwards. It seemed that my right testicle stayed somewhat swollen until my next surgery in which they removed a fairly large mass right where the kidney had been, along with a bit of my colon, because the tumor has grown onto it.

After this surgery, just 4 months ago, I have had greater swelling both in my abdomen and my right testicle. On another post on this site I read that such swelling can take months and even years to go down. I also have numbness, but little pain, while the swelling persists and I am told it is normal by my doctors.

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Hi, I had pain in my right testicle after surgery in 2011 some how I end up with hydracyle fluid build it is still sore but DRS have told not to worry about it and that has being 3 years it only plays up if I knock it.

Regards saintmont


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My right testicle hurt so much after my nephrctomy in 2011 it was painfull to walk,wearing biker shorts helped alot,pain subsided 1 month later

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