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I need help with my diarrhea

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I am in so much pain with the soft unformed painful stools that just come out without any warning/sensation.  My anus is inflamed, bleeding and intolerably painful.  Please help me.

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Nana b
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I used medicated talc for mine, it obsors the wetness and eases any itching.  Also vaseline to keep moisture off.  Are you taking meds to control it?  Eat bananas that has a bonding affect.  What does your doctor say?

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My mom swore by Imodium whenever she used to have diarrhea problems. 

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Nana b
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I also use immodium. 

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It is common and mine used to bleed into the toilet it was that bad.  I'd cry when going the bathroom because it hurt to go because of the acid plus just wipping it made me wrench with pain.  Immodium help and I've used calmoseptime (behind the pharmacy counter but not a prescription) and aquaphor.  I'm still having problem with pain when going to the bathroom so many times a day.  Hope you can get some relief.


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I remember that.  Horrible.  I used aquafor all the time even when things were good.  Also get an antidiarreah immediately.  In addition there are prescription strength numbing creams that the doctor can give you and although those don't work alone, with a pain killer, things are better.  Don't hesitate to medicate because it gets worse before it gets better.  You can only scream into a towel so much.

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And I mean DEPENDS the adult diaper. I had a little saying 'Depends are my Friends'. I couldn't live without them when I was doing radiation and the four to six weeks afterwards. Then I came home (had to live in the big city during Rad), and stayed arms distance from the loo. 

Of course, Depends doesn't stop the pain. Nothing stopped my pain, and I was in agony for weeks. Many tears were shed, and I would roll in a ball on the bed. 

Take adivce from above about Imodium, and what I'm going to say next is no help at all 'It will end at some point, Hang in there'. 

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Acid bowel movements can be an imbalance in the intestinal flora. I have a  C. Diff.  imbalance that flairs if I eat to much sugar.  This makes me have diarrhea. and then acid bowel movements. 


Lomotil works for me to control the loose stool.  I need to take antibiotics and Probiotics to kill the C.Diff and repopulate my colon with good flora.


I jump in the shower when posible to really wash my hiney to remove the acid.  I tried baby wipes, creams, etc....  They helped but the soap and water works the best for me.  I even installed a Bidet in one of our bathrooms. (It is cold, so I still prefer to jump in the shower.)


I also use a lidocane cream to help ease the swelling and numb my hiney.  The shower is still the best, the cream just helps ease the pain.  If the pain is real bad, I also have pain pills.  (I really do not like the pan pills, but sometimes there is no other option.)


Hopefully you will find something that will work for you!

Best Always,  mike 

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My brother takes Lomotil, also, and it tends to help. The first week of chemo, not much helps him. He uses some medicated creams that the dr prescribes, and that seems to help as well. He takes lots of showers to keep it clean and soothe the pain.

Feel better.


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How time eases the bad memories.

I had almost forgotten how important the Sitz Bath was to me. I could not have made it through radiation without it. 

They are relativly cheap and I recieved mine in two days from Amazon.com. It was a Godsend. 

Nice warm water on a sore bum can't be beat. 

Good luck!

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