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glioblastoma Grade 4

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Hi all, my 74 year old mother, a month ago had a sudden seizure, and when in hospital discovered she had a brain tumor. They operated and told us it is a Glioblastoma Grade 4.  She decided to have the radiation and chemo, and we all are supporting her in her journey.

My concern, which none of the doctors seem to want to explore, is her condition that she is in before starting anything, and how that may effect her recovery.I am afraid that the treatment will be too much for her. She is totally obese, and hasnt been physically active in any form for most of her adult life.  Not a smoker anymore, but had smoked forover 30 years, and had been a heavy drinker, though not in the last 16 years. Not a healthy eater either. She just had the 5 year celebration of being free from breast cancer a week before all this started.  I am  her only child and she has a brother who lives too far away to be here on a daily basis. Has anyone else here dealt with this issue?  She says she doesnt want to suffer, but I am so afraid for her.

I have been reading some pretty amazing posts here, so much hope and love, and also fear and even desparation. I am one that has fear and desparation, and I so wish to connect with anyone, someone who has had similar concerns about a parent, and how things worked out for them. 

I was actually shocked when the onocologist said that there is a 25% chance of a cure with this kind of cancer, especially with reading all kinds of info about this being such a deadly incureable  cancer with  short survivial ie months, not years....and I got angry. I am  ashamed of getting angry, and didnt express it at the doctors office.  I don't know what to do, and have no one to talk to that has ben dealing with this, or dealt with this kind of cancer. I cannot imagine how someone feels having this cancer,but it must be way worse than how I am feeling and I am feeling pretty torn up inside.   I am reaching out for something.....can anyone reply?


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My mother is 75. She had her GBM tumor removed when she was 69. She followed the surgery with radiation and chemo. The doctors predicted 10 to 14 months, with no mention of any chance of a cure. 

They don't know why she's alive with no sign of cancer. She has a very healthy diet, and that may be part of it. From what I've read, it seems like GBM is deadliest in the beginning, and that every year the patient survives, their odds for the next year improve. 

The treatment was hard at times, but not like the nightmare we imagined. The long-term effects have been harder, but she still has quality of life.

I hope things go well for your mother!

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Wow, how absolutely amazing, I am so very happy for your Mom and your family. What a wonderful gift that she is cancer free, and has quality of life. Things I can only pray for my mother. Thank you so much for replying, and sharing your wonderful news. Laughing

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Hi there. Can you tell me what chemo your mother received? Was it Temodar and what course did she do?


Was it for 42 days, then 5 days on, 23 days off type regimen?


Soooooo glad to hear a positive story about GBM and wish you much continued success!!!


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Hello mothersdaughter55,

My mom was diagnosed in March right after we came home from a trip to vegas with her to celebrate her 80th birthday. she has always been healthy until now. She was driving very independent doing volunteer work cooking etc. now she needs assistance with everything. Her short term memory is shot her personality is different her vision is affected cannot walk can barely stand up and dr says surgery was successful?.. It's a horrible disease. I am here to talk to although I might not be best person for encouragement. 

I take her to church and lunch every Sunday but it's so hard to see her like this. We hired a full time home aid and she seems to like her and the way she cooks. So that is good. Only thing you can do is be there for her and make sure she's comfortable. I know she likes when family visits even though she's not as expressive as before. 


Good Luck. Let me know how your mom and YOU ARE DOING. 

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My mom is almost 55 and almost two year out from her initial diagnosis.  She was diagnosed with grade 4 GBM after a successful battle with breast cancer as well.  With the exception of smoking all of her adult life, she was fairly healthy until this.  It seems everytime we think we have a tumor licked, another pops up.  Our drs say she will never be cured, but we can continue to treat.  Her most recent surgery has left her battling pneumonia in a critical care unit.  With each occurence, she loses a little more of herself, but continues to remain positive and have a fighting attitude.  I have watched her encourage others constantly during her struggles, and feel very selfish that I seem to be the one angry at the situation.  I pray your mom is able to stay positive during her battle and for your strength to be there with her throughout. 

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