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Back for more IL-2

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Back at UVa hospital for another week of IL-2. The two weeks in March have given me 4 months of stable disease. Yesterday's scan showed a few mm growth. I got one dose last night and another one this morning and so far not too many bad SEs. I had a small case of the rigors this morming a full four hours after my dose. before it was 1:45 like clockwork when I got rigors. It's been four hours since the second dose and I am doing ok . BP did drop to 92/55 earlier but it is back over 100 now

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Keep at it Thaxter.  Hopefully the second time around has less side effects, and more effectiveness. 

You did it once already, so you know what to expect now.  I am cheering for you to breeze right through it. 

I'm reminded of a slogan I saw on a US Marines shirt

"Pain is Just Weakness Leaving the Body"



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Go get'em Thax. What a trip.

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...that in a lot of cases IL-2 HD treatment effects doesnt really kick in until round 2 (your oncs probably already told you, but just in case) :-)


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     You can do this! Hoping praying for great results for you!

                                                     Prayers for good health!


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