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info I didn't want to know

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So while I was at work on Friday,  the nurse told my sister that she didn't think my husband would make it through the week. She told my sister that she didn't think that I have accepted it and that she should be blunt with me and tell me.  You know what,  I am aware and I didn't want a timeframe because I wanted to enjoy each day fully without the thought that tomorrow could be the last day.  I am so mad I did not talk to my sister for the rest of the day. Now I have to hope that he lasts longer than that,  which is why I didn't want to know in the first place. 


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I don't think anyone knows how long we will live. I'm sure the nurse thought she was helping. Your strength needs to come from loving and living every moment God allows. being the caretaker is the hardest. Being the strength in the family is the hardest. You've been given the toughest assignment but you will get through. Life will continue. It'll be different but the love you have will always be with you. When I went into surgery, my friend said you don't walk alone. You take all the love and prayers with you. Please know you won't be alone. 


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You need to do what is best for your own sanity. It is tough to come to the realization that someone is dying, but I think, even though the end could be near, your husband may not be ready. None of us have our DOD stamped on our foot. Just enjoy whatever time you have left with him and keep looking forward to tomorrow. Cherish the memories you have with him today. Try not to be mad at your sister, I think she meant well (and the nurse too). 


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Excuse me!  What happened to HIPAA PRIVACY LAWS.   




The nurse had no right to say that to her.  it's against the law for one and she had no right talking about you that way and putting her in that position.   Even if she meant well, which I'm sure she did.  So sorry you heard it in an indirect way.   This time is difficult on you as it is, big hug. 

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Dear Sandi, don't be angry particularly with your sister.

I can't know what led them to believe that you hadn't accepted the situation as each of us handles that knowledge differently.  I know I didn't ask for a time frame for my sister, but our parents did.  It was unimportant as I was just trying to make every day the best it could be.

The number of hours, days, weeks that someone predicts is not important if you treat every day as one more blessing that you have together. 


Marie who loves kitties


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