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Warning: this is a hard subject to talk about....death and dying

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With so many recent 'goodbyes' in my life,  I sought out a way to make some sense in letting a loved one go on...


I just watched a webinar on Death and Dying....and how to help transition during the process....I believe in much of it...


The last message there is quite clear.....Live your life in joy......transitioning in death with the same joy  (I am remembering the observation of Steven Jobs' last words "WOW!  WOW!".....


a free video recording is posted now athttps://attendee.gotowebinar.com/reco.../2372746452751355138


Hugs, Kathi

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You're post is much better than the one that I was going to post which was going to be "Everyone please stop dying, thanks".  I am so glad I found this forum and yet I hate this forum.  So many wonderful people who aren't making it.  It's hard to realize that all of the support in the world that you can give, doesn't mean that others are going to make it.  I wanted to believe that if we all just keep talking, we'll heal our bodies.  Hard concept.

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Nana b
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I'm not afraid of death, it's those I leave behind that will suffer deeper and longest.     That thought alone makes me very sad. I talk openly about maybe having a year or two left, although, I do hope for more. I guses what I'm saying is that I am not shying away from the topic, instead I am embracing that my time may be near and preparing my family now. This has made the situation a bit easier for my husband, daughters, siblings and friends. Of course it's not a daily topic. 


Thanks for sharing the video. 

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We all want to die quickly and easily. Just doesn't happen for some of us! On the other hand, the only way we can get to heaven is by diying! Then we are pain free and eternally joyous.

That is not a bad outcome.  Having lost the love of my life, I look forward to joining her!

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because I have so very much yet to do. And because of the Cancer, I have finally found myself, and let go of all the hurt that has lingered from my childhood, its like, I can't go now, I'm finally free and love being loved. 

I do talk about dying though, in a way hoping that if the time does come sooner than later, the pain will be a bit lessened, especially for my children. 

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I use to shy away from it...was so scared of this topic..then mum got diagnosed with cancer and subsequently passed. I got cancer, but survived.

It doesn't scare me, knowing my mum is out there with my other relatives.

But the whole process of how someone does etc we should be more aware of, like we know how we are born, this is important as well.


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Due to my sister's faith, as I sat holding her hand I was able to encourage her to reach out to those family and friends who waited to welcome her to the other side.  While it was hours, she did not struggle to stay with us, and I can only hope that it was because she saw beauty and comfort waiting for her.

Regardless of age, each person who is loved leaves this world too soon. 

Those of us left behind, regardless of our beliefs, can only be greatful that their trials on earth are no more.

Marie who loves kitties

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Death is a necessary part of life? Darn it. 

And you can live a lifetime without love? Darn it. 

I pray you all will be showered in love before death comes calling.

Love and light to you tonight.


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Thank you Kathi,

There was a second webinar recently posted: http://www.deathanddyingwebinar.org/  (also contains link to that webinar you mentioned.)

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  We are told how to live our lives , never ever are we told how to die. I've been on the board since nov 2001. I have met a lot of wonderful people and seen many of them pass. Many of them were extremely gracious in passing and thanks to them I have no fear of dying, I guess I have learned how to die. Don't be saddened for the spectre of death here in death some of our friends burn more brightly than in life. Ron

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I don't remember writing on this post, pretty funny.  I'm 45 so I have a lot of life left to live.  I hope to be here until I'm at least 75 and if I'm still healthy, I want to keep on going.

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It is so sad to know that we have lost our dear Nanab since this post. To see her lovely face, read her words that she was not affraid of death (for herself) makes me heartsick. 

*Deep sigh*

Sue - Trubrit

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That was the thought I had too Sue.  It was just so depressing to say.  It's so odd to read, I have a year or two left and then to know that life just said okay time.  There's a level of sadness and a level of anger.  

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So, reading people's reply I seem to be surprised. I am young, far too young compared to 98% on this forum, but. I am absoultely not afraid to die. Sure, it would be nice if I could pick the card how to die, but it is not in my control. Thus, I just accept that whatever I will die of, I will die of. In theory, I have a crapton to do on this planet, at least another 50 years easily...and if I died 50 years from now I would still not be 70 years old. Says a lot, eh? :) But either way, I am not afraid to die. I don't focus on how I am supposed to do so many things still. Yes, I could still go to college, I could still get a diploma or two. I could still get married, and have kids, or work or whatever. But I am not looking at that. I just live my life day to day and trying to make the most of it and if I happen to die a year, or two from now. Well, it's unfortunate for dying so young, but then I'll just die. Maybe I think this way because I saw life going away front of me and ending. It thought me what death is. It took me away a few years of happiness when I was depressed, and sad. But it also thought me that it's inevitable and as much pain as it brings to those who knew us one way or the other that we left behind, it will happen. So, let it. And instead of worrying about it, focusing on it, or thinking how much I could and should be still doing before I die...I just simply live. And I intend to live free of fears that I'll die. Death is not my friend...but not my enemy either. It'll come to me when my journey has been reached...whether it'll be 50 years from now, or even 60 years from now, or whether it will be before I even turn 20. It is part of this package that we call life. We have to embrace the happy things around us- whatever that is. A house, money car, friends, or perhaps family if you have one, flowers, nature, cats, dogs, knitting, playing balls, painting, cooking, or eating, or sleeping. Doesn't matter what that is, but just focus on those things that makes you happy. Let death do its job when it needs to without making you worry about how much time you have left until then. All the best to you all!

- a long term loser user :)

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Hi Sophie,

I seem to remember that your birthday is this week, am I correct?  :)  If so, Happy Birthday!

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No it isn't. Dying is the only way we can get to Heaven.  You cannot beat that with a stick!!  LOL   Good luck to us all.  See you in Heaven!!!

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