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A year or so ago I had a huge amount of blood in my urine on several occasions. It appeared to me to be UTI'S. I went to my PCP and they tested my urine and after giving me antiiotics, they later told me i never had a UTI. They referred me to a urologist and by the time I saw her the bleeding had stopped.  I had a procedure done where she put an instrument into my urethra but could not find anything wrong. I was told if it happened again, to immediately go to her office while the bleeding was happening so she could find the source of it. I had no further bleeding until last week but it was more like spotting. I had just had my yearly exam at my gynecologist a month prior to that. Due to family history of uterine cancer,I called her and she did another exam and a biopsy which was fine. She also wanted me to have a transvaginal ultrasound. I was told I had a cyst on my left kidney. Within days I was back for a kidney ultrasound. The tech was quiet and took a ton of pictures. I have had abnormal creatanine levels for awhile and my PCP said that was "just a bit of dehydration." Do cysts bleed or was I just told that until they investigated further? I am supposed to get the results of the ultrasound on Monday. Since every member of my family (on both sides) that has passed away had cancer (all different types) makes me worry even more.

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Blood in the Urine could be a lot of things only one of which is Kidney cancer. All of us on this board have heard those wordsand we are here to talk about it. Mine was 12 years ago. Hopefully yours is not.

 A cyst on the Kidney is usually very small and if it does turn out to be Kidney Cancer and is smal it is very curable as well. Your ultrasound should be able to show the cyst on your kidney as well as its size. If they still suspect Kidney Cancer after the ultrasound they may do a CT as well. Kidney Cancer caught early is nearly 100% curable from surgery alone.


As far as the gyn issues they are above my paygrade and the gals will have to help you on those.



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Thanks for your helpful reply icemantoo....appreciate it!!

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I also had blood in my urine which was treated as a UTI but my urologist sent me for a CT scan to be on the safe side. Sure enough, it showed a 3.4 cm growth on my kidney, which was then confirmed by ultrasound. I was told there was a 20 percent chance it was benign, but regardless, it had to come out, which made sense since it was already causing me to pass blood in the urine. I had a partial nephrectomy in March and while it was no picnic, it was also not nearly as bad as I had feared.

So my point is, if your ultrasound confirms that it’s not a harmless cyst, there is still a 20 percent chance it’s benign, but it will have to come out regardless. I was also very scared but glad it was caught early. I thank god for the bleeding, or it would never have been found. Best of luck to you and I hope yours turns out to be a harmless cyst. But if not, this forum has the best people to help you through this.

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Hopefully you will be getting a CT Scan ASAP, with Contrast if your Createnine level is not too high.  This would hopefully tell the full story..  Ultrasounds usually are not the best type of image, just one of the cheapest.

Good Luck..


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I second what Ron said.  You need a ct...without contrast is better than not at all (if createnine is too high).  My RCC was diagnosed by ct without contrast.  Granted, I had to have another one, with contrast to comfirm it, but, still the ct without contrast was a Godsend.

I hope you get answers soon, sometimes the wait is the hardest part...or so it seems.

Prayers for you!


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