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To add insult to injury

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I'm going in at 2 pm for a root canal!  It should be against the law. These are the low days and root canal on top of it!  Should be against the law!

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Someone upstairs needs to give you a break. 

Dang! I HATE the dentist with a passion. I hope its as comfortable as possible.

Thinking of you.

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Nana b
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I don't think you can have a root canal while on chemo, can you?  I can't even get my teeth cleaned. 

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Posts: 361
Joined: May 2014

i had my teeth cleaned and checked prior to chemo. My onc didn't want any dental work either but because of the pain he decided root canal was best. I do have to take antibiotics for a few weeks. 

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Sorry you're dealing with this on top of everything else. This is a little bump in the road. Hopefully you have a good dentist and you don't feel anything.


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