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Any news on JBG or Wolfen?

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I keep praying for them both!


Cathleen Mary
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JBG and Wolfen,

You enter my heart and prayer a hundred times a day!  

Wishing you peace,


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They have been on my mind frequently as well too.

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was still with us as of two days ago.  I haven't heard from Wolfen since then.  I believe that the whole family is together for this stage of the journey, and I really hope that they find a little comfort in each other.

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They have both weighed heavily on my mind lately as well.

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Thank you, lLn for checking on us.

Against all logic, without food for a week & only drops of water at a time, JBG's spirit & body fight on. Her mind mostly resides in another world. At probably 70 lbs, she has a vise grip & will not let go. We watch her constantly to keep her from self harm. At 3 AM, she managed to pull out her catheter, despite efforts of 3 of us to stop her. Thank G#d, it was not her port. That finally got the attention of the very deaf eared hospice here, who sent out a SOCIAL WORKER with a replacement of Valium for Ativan. Finally after 48 hours with no sleep, she is now sleeping.

No one understands how she can still be here. You all know what a fighter she has always been. For whatever reason, she still fights.

From my side, I see that she is trapped in the bowels of hell and cannot yet escape. Someday soon, she will fly free.



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I think of your family often. I pray JBG has peace. My heart breaks for all of you.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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You know me from the head and neck site but I've been following you here as you take care of your precious daughter.  Know that you are your family are in my prayers and constantly in my thoughts.  I'm sure JBG is aware you are all there with her and I'm pretty sure she's had a visit or two from her dad as she lingers.  I pray for peace for all of you and a peaceful passing for your precious one. 

Diane Ditto (theotherditto)


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At this time, I will pray for God to release JBG from her body. 

I can only barely comprehend the torment she is going through, and as a mother, I can comprehend a little more the torment you are going through. 



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Neither of you dear ladies deserves this, I am so sorry.

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Wolfen dear, I don't have words to express my sorrow for what you and JBG are going through...just know that I've been thinking of your both often and hope that she finds peace soon.



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Hi Miss Wolfen,

We are still praying for peace for JBG, you and your family. Please take care.

Linda and Mom

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This must be so hard for you.  I can't imagine.  I hope there will be peace for both of you soon.  I have been thinking about both of you every day.


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I am so very sorry.   Witnessing someone slip away is so very agonizing.  You want to make it better, would do or give anything to make it better but are helpless to do so.   I wish I had the words to bring you comfort but they escape me or maybe just do not exist.  Watching your child slip away is unimaginable.  May you find some degree of comfort in knowing that so many people care about you, JBG and the entire family and wish we could wrap our arms around you but hopefully you feel the love and care expressed by so many on this board.  

Love and Hugs - Tina

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You and jbg and your entire family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers throught the day.  PEACE     we are asking for peace




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Nana b
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Lord have mercy.   So sorry for all of the pain you are all suffering 

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My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.  I'm praying that God take her peacefully and for His hand to get you all through this difficult time. 


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