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Adrenal gland...I should know this but...

Terry T
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...is the adrenal gland always removed when the whole kidney is removed?

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I was surprised but everything has been OK.

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my husband had his adrenal gland removed with the nephrectomy and came back clean.


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A total nephrectomy usually indicates the Adrenal gland was removed, too.  I was surprised to find that on my first follow-up CT, the adrenal gland was intact.

I guess the patient needs to ask the surgeon if it was left in or removed; or get a copy of the surgical notes report for your own records on your post surgical visit.

And since loss of 1/2 the production of adrenalin will make a difference in energy levels, the patient has a right to know what's happening.

Keep on top of the heap and live with gusto.


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When I asked my husband's oncologist about loss of adrenal function, he told us that the adrenals are duplicate organs and that losing one didnt' matter in the same way as losing a kidney and that only having one didn't change things. I was under the impression after I spoke with him that adrenal function with one is the same as two.

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If an adrenal gland is removed, is there a medication that the person needs to take?

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Hi Terry T. My hubbys adrenal gland was removed as well as his left kidney.The tumour was also extending into his adrenal gland so they had to.

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Hi guys, long time no see....I am doing a lot of catching up on posts this am.

location of the tumor is really the driving force When it comes to adrenal removal. If there is no contact with the gland, the gland stays. They are duplicate, and most people don't have any issues just having a single adrenal gland.

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As I recall, I might be wrong, I think my urologist back then said that with small tumors and/or lower pole tumors they leave it in there.

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I had my left Kidney and Adrenal Gland removed in 2008 with no issues. My second adrenal gland worked and covered what the body needed. I have recently been in a Clinical Trial that fried my other Adrenal Gland which then stopped producing the hormone that I need (Cortisol). My Cortisol levels dropped to almost non-existent and the side effects were horrible (weak thigh and leg muscles, severe dizziness, low blood pressure that got worse when I stood up, and on 3 occassions I passed out and fell). A simple blood test caught it and now I am on Hydrocortisone 20mg-twice a day which has eliminated my problems. Looks like I will be on this the rest of my life. Hope this info helps.

Also, you can do research under Adrenal Insufficiency or Addisons Desease.



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DB, which clinical trial was it?

I am currently waiting for discharge at MDA after 5 days for adrenal insufficiency, inflammation of pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, etc.  I was completely exhausted but appear to be back on track.  I  am going home with 20mg of Hydrocortison 2x day.

i was completely dehydrated after several days of diarrehea.  I am on the Nivo/Ipi trial.  I had finished the first two 6-week stints and most recently had my first Nivo only shot.

i cant remember if i have a background on this site or not.  3/28/2012 radical right nephrectomy, T3,0,0, grade 4.  Clinicl trial for one year for Votrient, but discovered i was on placebo, after growth of tumor in remainong adrenal.  I chose ro avoid surgery and try this trial.  First two scans show continued growth, now this.  Wondering whats on down the road?  Have you gained wwight?  I am 51 yo female.

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ipilimumab and nivolumab Trial. first Adrenal Gland surgically removed second fried and taking same drugs as you. I have had numerous side effects and have had side effects for the drugs they gave me for the original side effects. Spent 20 days out of a span of 30 in hospital with issues. Never got 4th shot but was allowed to stay in mtc program. Tomorrow is second mtc shot.

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My surgeon said he left me my adrenal gland. I had a radical right nephrectomy.

My aunt has Addison's, which is what happens when the adrenal glands stop working. It's no fun. She has to take a lot of prednisone and when she gets sick they have a very hard time keeping her blood pressure stable (high enough).

Now I thought the adrenal gland was attached to the top of the kidney. Does anybody know how they can take the kidney and leave the adrenal gland? I wanted to ask my surgeon, but never thought of it when I saw him last time.


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However, there were two suspicious looking nodes on the left adrenal gland. Thankfully like my two tumors they were benign.

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