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Waiting for bone scan results

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Had my CT scan today.  they did the full body scan and then the tech said the Dr. wanted another one of my lower back and hips.  I have the same feeling when I first was dianosed.  I think I am not going to get good news.  I think NED has deserted me the *******!

I am not freaking out but mentally saying, "Crappity Crapcrap!" 

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Waiting is horrible. Fear creeps in and can make the inside of my head a miserable place to be.

So. Let's play cards or count birds or get good and drunk -- oh, wait, that's never a good idea. Anyway, in my clumsy way I'm telling you I have empathy and I'm sending good thoughts and hoping your feeling is wrong.



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Posts: 459
Joined: Nov 2009

Not much of a drinker but we would go and have a drink or two

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Oh yeah, it may make you forget for a time! Lol. Waiting does suck and I know my mind wonders and not to the sunnyside, but, iy is always better knowing I have others waiting with me.
And I sure hope Ned has decided to hang out for another 20 years or so.
Hugs while you wait!

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Double Whammy
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We're on standby.  We can drink together from afar . . .


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Any of us could, already have had the same waiting game.  We know the reality so our thoughts are with you.  What is your history?  Chin up.

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Keep us posted!  Sending positive thoughts and hugs for a good scan!

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I hate this it is torture in the severest form. hoping for good news!

New Flower
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sorry , you have entire weekend to wait and drink or do shopping - torture.

I hope your results will be negative for cancer. Semding positive thoughts your way


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Bone scan came back clear and was told get with my gp.  I have went to the clinic Director and complained and have asked for another Dr.  Director seemed surprised that the only follow up I have had is just an office visit with some blood work.  I'll see my gp in September.

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So happy for your clear Bone Scan results!

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