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Adnexal Carcinoma

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My cousin was diagnosed with Adnexal Carcinoma about two or three years ago. It started with a bump on his left foot that he had for five years. It was misdiagnosed for gout. He finally could not walk on it any more and went to the e.r. where the doctor knew something was wrong. He sent off for a biopsy and that is when we found out it was cancer. After extensive search for a doctor who knew about this cancer, he had to have his leg removed up to his knee. He has had several different chemos from great hospitals in Lousiana and then in Texas. When the doctors there did not know what else to do, he went to Cancer Centers of America in Oklahoma. They had three cases of this cancer there with him being the third. They have did as much as they can, experimenting with different chemos and radiations. Now, the cancer is in his lungs and liver. They have gotten bigger over the past several months. The doctor told him that the chemo was not working, and there is nothing left he knows to do. So, he sent him home to live the rest of his life. So, I am reaching out to any one who has experienced this rare cancer. I want to know of any treatments any one has went through and if they have had any success. Thank you for listening.


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