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Get On The Pink Bus

rutzetta's picture
Posts: 174
Joined: Jul 2011

Calling all my Pink Sisters to Get on the Pink Bus 7/22/14 for my annual. It takes a lot of courage to walk through the door for the test. It brings back memories of that dreadful day in April of 2011.


Posts: 58
Joined: Apr 2014

Will be there with you Constance.  Prayers for remaining strong!!

GlowMore's picture
Posts: 794
Joined: Feb 2008

I've got a ticket to ride.....  You are in my Prayers  **

Posts: 95
Joined: Apr 2013

on the pink bus!! Wishing you clean scans.


Posts: 1521
Joined: Jan 2010

right there with you!



Pixie Dust's picture
Pixie Dust
Posts: 419
Joined: Jan 2014

Constance, bought ticket today and will be getting on the pink bus with you and all the other sisters and brothers. We will ride this journey together !!!!!!!  (((((((((HUGS))))))))

New Flower
Posts: 4299
Joined: Aug 2009

Hi Constance,

 As soon as I finish my stimulation app  starting at 9 am, i will come to your room.

Good luck

aisling8's picture
Posts: 1611
Joined: Feb 2010

See you tomorrow!! Now, how to let work know I'm not coming in...



CypressCynthia's picture
Posts: 4014
Joined: Oct 2009

You know I'm there with you!!!  Please let us know how it all goes.  Sending lots of hugs and prayers!!!

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Jean 0609
Posts: 2462
Joined: Jun 2010

Hoping it was an uneventful trip.





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Posts: 174
Joined: Jul 2011

Hi All:

Thank you for getting on the bus with me, even if were not able to make it, I felt the spirit of the Pink love surrounding me. I had a good appointment. I do not have the official written word of NED yet, but the tech did say all is well and see you next year. I’m so happy this is behind me. I can now get ready for a wonderful vacation to Florida and New York.

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Posts: 2541
Joined: Dec 2010

I missed the bus but love the results. Havr a great vaca. I love New York!

Christmas Girl's picture
Christmas Girl
Posts: 3691
Joined: Apr 2009

But, I also accept (like you) the tech's comment as very good news.

Enjoy your vacation to the utmost!

Kind regards, Susan

Posts: 6563
Joined: Oct 2010

Dang I missed the bus...I just got back from WDW and Disney Cruise....sorry I had no contact with the real world until now..


VickiSam's picture
Posts: 9080
Joined: Aug 2009

month check up in a few weeks with my Oncologist --  such a heavy time for me, waiting for Marker testing.  Keeping my fingers, and toes crossed.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam



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Posts: 794
Joined: Feb 2008

Go for my Annual Diagnostic Mammo August 8th........then the 6 mo ck up late in August..........know what you mean for sure about the 'heavy' time....... hope all goes ok........and so glad for you Constance that it all went well

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