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Got scan results

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Got the results of my CAT scan and it shows that it has progressed and it looks like a new area has started too, my lymph node has enlarged quite a bit in 5 months as well, am waiting to hear from Onc. and see what she has to say, i feel fine for now, just tired of all of this, i keep telling myself it can be worse, there are others who are dealing with much more than i am, so i can handle this 3rd diagnosis in a 6yr period, just keep on doing what i have to.

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I'm very sorry for your results.  Anyone who has relapsed understandably and naturally feels despondent (I know I certainly would). Well, a more accurate statement might be that they would be "scared as hell !"

It seems perhaps you do not yet have a lot of medical certainty about the current enlargements. I pray that whatever it is it is readily and successfully sent into full remission.  You know you have a lot of friends here, people who perhaps have had the exact sort of relapse that you may be facing.


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Hi Chris,

 I'm so sorry to hear this and know how you are feeling. I have only relapsed once and know how hard once is to accept, but 3 times has got to be very discouraging. Thank goodness we can keep retreating and pushing back for now. I'll keep you in my prayers and please let us know what your Oncologist decides to do. Hang in there friend.

Much love...Sue

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