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Finally made it home from California

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and wished. I was still there. A week just was not long enough. Seeing everyone was wonderful, yet 2 hours including lunch just gave you a chance to skimnthe surface...
I thunk the Hershey PA, groupgets together and has time to visit. I am not complaining I will take what I can vet.
The beach was beautiful, being with family and friends was wonderful.
Got home yesterday, but my luggage didnt. Got a call tonight that someone found it at an airport in Charlotte NC. Mind you, my trip was Orange County California to Salt Lake City. My luggage has been to Chicago, Floruda, NC, and who knows where else. This lady from SW Airlines who called said she would get it out tomorrow so I may have it monday? There were no tgs other than my name tag!

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Glad you got home safe even if your bags took the slow boat to China way home. Sure was good seeing you. The reunion was so fun. Like you said went to fast and didnt get to know everyone. As for names I already have them all mixed up. Good food,good weather and wonderful friends. Rest up, my Friend.  Diana...

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I am so happy that you are home safe and sound!  It was such a thrill for me to meet you - I just can't tell you how much!!! 

Hoping your luggage had a good time.  Sounds like it has really been everywhere!  Seriously, I am glad you will be reunited with it soon!  I hate missing luggage.

New Flower
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I was a very delighful re-union, I am honored to meet you in person and thanful to our brief conversation. I also wish we all could stay lnger, however I am positive we have more re-unions ahead of us while keeping  in touch  accross the miles. 

There are some promissing drugs in development that might come out early than CDK 47. Check it out it has passed phase III clinical study


I also talked to my RO and he said that it is possible to radiate multiple sites over period of time. it is depends how long is the break between radiation treatments. In his opinion there is no a life limit on total radiation amount.

Sorry for the luggage it is very stressful, to look or replace items that are missing. 


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CC It was nice meeting you and your sisters. I got to sit next to your Seattle sister. She is very nice. I must say, you are covered on the medical end of things! I got Wendy and who she is, but not the names of the other two. I felt like I havr met Thereas before.
It was about 85 and beautiful at my brothers house and the beach, and came home to 100 and somewhat muggy... I know, not as bad as Midwest or East Coast humidity, but humid all the same.
Diana, couldnt call you back today just kept getting a recordingnthat circuits busy, try again later!
MY luggage. just arrived, so my ex works at tye airport and will deliver it at 1030p. I am so glad. Most of my summer clothes are in it! :+some.
When I got there I couldnt figure out why it was so heavy, well I overslept the morning I was leaving and had to finish packing. I did all laundry the nite before.... so when I unpacked there, I realzed I had thrown in a wholenstack of clean clothes, like my sons boxers, dish clothes, all the whites. lol so if it wouldnt have been so dang heavy, I would have carried it on!

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Jean 0609
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I am so glad that you had a wonderful vacation with the pinks and your brother.  You certainly deserved the break!  Yes, us Hershey Pinks enjoy the whole weekend together, and it is great.  You need to start saving your pennies now, and maybe you can make it next year!  





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I didn't get much of a chance to talk with you, but I am glad you had a good time!

Maybe next year!


Hugs, Kathi (one of the VERY old timers!)


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