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11 mm peritoneal soft tissue nodule, ??? Help Please

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 I am so glad I found this site...hello all....I have a question I have been sick with awful lower abdominal pain and now right flank pain also.  Lost of loose stools and Yellow..(sorry its graphic)

I have not felt well for a long time...I do have MS....which they want to blame everything on...but its not the MS this time.  In April I went to the ER and they did a CT scan..... one thing I just 

caught looking at my report.... was this ...........11 mm peritoneal soft tissue nodule, left aspect of the omentum it the l5 level. Is this something I need to look further into?  I have since seen

my reg. doctor and she did see the report but never said anything?   


Thanks for any help with thls

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Sorry to hear of your difficulties. FYI, I'm reposting what I wrote in response to the post just before yours:

"Vague abdominal pains were what sent me to the doctor repeatedly 2 yrs ago. But another big factor was abdominal swelling--so much that I had to buy new underwear & my husband & I joked that if I had a uterus, you'd think I was 6 mos pregnant. What I didn't know is that the abdominal swelling was caused by ascites, or an accumulation of fluid in the abdomen, pressing on stomach & intestines so that I could only eat a bite or 2 of food at meals. I've never heard from anyone who has primary peritoneal cancer without ascites. However, I understand cancers can metastasize to the peritoneum from other places of origin. Sorry, I have no more info for you. Good luck."

At the onset of my disease, I did not have the kind of intestinal troubles you describe. So again--from my very limited personal experience, if you don't have ascites I would guess you don't have peritoneal cancer. Hope I'm right.


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My God, you really need to change Dr. You should ask for CT report andl. Usually, the report state what it is or at least give you an idea. My wife has been diagnosed with peritoneal cancer. The signs were floated belly (full of liquid), discomfort. If you live in New York City, NYU medical has good doctor and I can refer you to an excellent one.

Be well and good luck

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