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Just released from hospital - yuck!

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Well, many of you may know that I had a run in with some bratwurst in California.  I was acutely ill the night after trying to eat it.  Dumb idea, but I just thought it looked so good.  Sigh.

After that run in, my digestive system has been on strike.  I flew home Monday and seemed fine.  Tuesday night, I had red beans and rice (I know, I know) and woke up at 1 AM with vomiting, followed by what felt like intense heart pain.  I would have maybe blown that off, but I had a heart attack in 2007, so I was a little freaked out and ended up calling 911.

Many, many tests later and the short of it is: not cardiac.  Great news, but my stomach is still a little off and I am forced to stay on a low fat, bland diet - really hard for someone who lives close to New Orleans...lol.

I have follow up with my gi doc next Friday (the day after chemo - yikes).  I am determined to make that appointment (even though the day after chemo is not my best day), because it is easier to see the Pope than get an appointment with this doc.

In the meantime, my CT scan, according to my primary, had some suspicious areas and I need follow up.  I am going to get a copy of my CT tomorrow, but I am not particularly concerned since I never have a normal CT.  Lol, they always make the radiologists nervous.  My wise old onc told me, after the second-to-last CT, that my CT was abnormal because those 231 liver lesions left scarring, once fractured ribs from bone mets, etc. - all have left a lot of residual damage.  That onc did not think a PET was even needed, but my other onc was nervous and we got one anyway and it was NEAD.  So, I will be cautious and look at the CT and make sure both oncs have a copy, but this truly may not mean anything.

I don't know what to say about my stomach except it was bothering me a lot the year before I got the liver mets diagnosis and has never been 100% since that and chemo.  I intend to pick the gastroenterologist's brain and see if he has any helpful tips.  Probably will just suggest more tests, right?  Lol. Yuck!

Anyway, I would head back to California in a NY minute!  I so loved getting to meet some of my Kindreds - it really made my year!!!!

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I'm glad everyone had such a great time in CA. And CC...I hope that was the best tasting brat you ever had (but seeing it wasn't a WI brat, I'm not so sure....hee hee heehInnocent).

I am so so sorry to see that had such a time with GI issues and pain.

More tests...darn it... but a lifetime bland diet would be worse would it not? I am hoping for eventually getting off the bland diet.

On the flipside, my dog was a on a low fat bland diet of people food and she LOVED it. She's back on her sensitive skin and stomach food and not enjoying it as much.

New Flower
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Oh Eileen sorry hear about your stomach issue and ER visit. Please Ask your doctor if it will make sense to pospond Chemo for several days to recover your digestive system.

Did you it at re-union? Red beans make me sick since my first Chemo in 2008. I have  been a plain diet for 4 months now.

Scars, scans, suspect is always waiting to jump im. We wil not let her to ruin your happiness.

Sending positive thoughs your way. Let us know when to send the Bus.


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I have been having a hard time wih a lot of foods since having chemo. Glad that it is not cardiac though, and if it only takes a time eating bland takes care of it, then that does not sound too bad. Now had they said no sweets... then I would be saying you poor thung.
I am so glad I was aable to see you in San Juan. As nice as that was. I think I would rather have had less time eating and more time visiting. I felt like we just got there and it was over... Maybe there will be a next time:))
Take care of yourself and keep us posted.

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Brats & Red beans????  That made me sick before I had Cancer LOL.  No kidding aside, I hope all goes well with the testing, but somehow, I think you have an angel on your shoulder and all will be well.


All my love and prayers,



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Hah ha ha!  Katherine and Aaron are in Seattle on their first honeymoon together.  They have been staying with one of my sisters and my sister said they are having a blast - yay!  They have been so busy with careers and school that I know they loved the break.

Anyway, they visited Boehms Candies.  I understand they may have gotten me some chocolates.  Ok, ok, I'll go easy, but a gal can't live on a bland diet without a little fun. Wink

I do have an appointment with a gastroenterologist on Friday, which is the day after chemo and a difficult day.  But I will be there!  I need to figure out what is going on (besides stupidity).

My CT scan of the chest (they were worried about pulmonary embolism) shows tiny right pleural effusion and 3 right-sided "nodular densities."  I think this is same old, same old junk in my lungs that has been there since 2005.  Looks unchanged to me, but i have faxed the report to my onc.  Let him figure it out. Smile

Feeling better, but still with some nausea and decreased appetite.  Living on meatless Vietnamese pho and ginger ale.  Except for the occasional brat - just kidding. Surprised

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Just a quick though, if lung area is a concern from old times, it could be your ER+ suspect. you might want to ask and add Femara or something else to your menue.


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Olga, great minds think alike. My liver has really responded to the herceptin, perjeta, but I have been worried about being off an aromatase inhibitor because it really helped my bone and lung mets. I am going to ask my onc. 

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CC - sorry to hear about your stomach issues and ER visit.  I pray that your docs can get things under control for you and you will feel better soon.  I hope you can also start introducing foods that you enjoy to eat too.  It is weird but ever since I have been on chemo and even now (almost 2 months from finishing chemo) I can not eat chocolate.  I loved chocolate before chemo and now I can't stand it. 

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I so enjoyed seeing you in So Cal!!!  I'm sorry that it led to this!!!


PLEASE take it easy, and keep us in the loop (as you are so good at!).


Hugs, Kathi

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Happy that it was not a heart attack ....  !!!Surprised  I am sure this ER trip scared the heebie's out of your entire family --  Continued prayers for NED, and healing.

Vicki Sam


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Thank you for the well wishes.  I so missed seeing you Vicki Sam, dear friend, but I know that you had a crazy, tight schedule and I, for one, could not head straight from Mexico to SJC without a little rest.

My GI doc now thinks I just had a bit of a bug or something.  You are right about my family.  Patsy freaked out...lol.  I seem normal again, which is my new normal but doing well all things considered. 

Next up, a trip to my brother-in-law's lovely NH inn.  Laughing

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I somehow missed this.  Glad that things turned out ok for you CC.

Do know that I always wish the best for you.




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