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OT - Sturgis Motorcycle Rally - Anyone coming?

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Aug 4 - 9, will be this year's Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  Anyone planning on coming?    If you are, perhaps we could meet.  I live about 35 miles from Sturgis.  I know that I will be in Sturgis on the 5th for an appt with my PA at Ft. Meade.

For those who haven't heard of it - it's basically the 'Grand Daddy' of  Cycle Rallys.

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Wish I could ..  Maybe next year ...


Vicki Sam

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Can't you just picture this old 78 year old gal ....riding a Harley from NE Florida to North Dakota?   What a hoot that would be..........   :)     You must be sure to tell us about it when it is over..   :)

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Sturgis is in SOUTH Dakota - not North Dakota.  It's on the NE edge of the beautiful Black Hills about 35 miles NW of Rapid City.

Certainly there are some 'hard core' who do ride in from all corners of the USA.  Some fly into Rapid and have there rides flown in or trucked in.  Some drive and trailer their bikes.  Some just fly or drive in.  Some keep bikes in storage year round just to have for Rally.  Bikes can be rented for Rally.  Some are ' locals'.  Rally is so diverse.

Many will be Harleys but definately not all.  There will be many different 'brands' and custom builts.

It is 'milder' at Rally today than it was 20 yrs ago.  'Pasties' at least have to worn today but the first time I went nothing was required.  

There will be many riders older than you there - some have gone to trikes.  Back in the '70's, I had a customer that she and her Hubby (both in mid-later 70's) who had matchng Hot Pink Harleys.  They had their bikes shipped all over the world so bikes were there when they got wherever.  The trip I remember the most was a 6 month trip to Australia.

Botton line - Sturgis has to be experienced personally to understand it.  TV shows or pictures don't really.  Any questions I might can answer?  (I am not a 'biker' but I do live in the area.)


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