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So sorry!

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I couldn't help but notice that no one responded to one of my posts and I'm worried that I offended you. I would never do that in a million years because everyone helped me so much when we were told 2 months ago that my husband had colon cancer. I was devestated because he has a host of medical issues, mostly related to his heart and life-threatening arrhythmias but he also had prostate cancer 4 years ago. Fortunately the prostate cancer was found early and surgery removed it with no further treatment except regular follow-ups. We had just been through 2 tough years of severe heart problems that started 10 years ago and hospitals have become our way of life, so when we were told he also had colon cancer it was another huge hurdle.

It turned out the doctor and nurse were wrong - and he did not have colon cancer even though they believed he did and I am eternally grateful and learned lots - that until the results are in, to keep positive and hope for the best. Yes, it was 2 months of hell watching my husband go through tons and tons of tests but it's nothing compared to everyone here who does have cancer and go through surgeries and chemo and radiaton.

So I really want to thank everyone for welcoming me over the past couple of months and for helping me hugely. I think my last post didn't come across well and I'm sorry. I should not be upset over going through those 2 months thinking he had cancer and then finding out he didn't, when so many go through so much worse.

Sorry and you're in my prayers always.



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I am sure you didn't offend anyone. I for one am lacking on responding to post as much as I used to so I appologize to you.

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Oh Sue, please don't be sorry for something you didn't do. It is I who is sorry for not seeing your post. I am usually on the ball too. 

You definitely haven't done anything to offend. You have been overlooked, and that is our fault.

Let  me go find your post. 

I feel so bad for missing it. 

SUE/TRU (popular name, isn't it)

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Hi Sue,

I am extremely happy and relieved that your dear husband does not have colon cancer, as I'm sure everyone here is as well.  He certainly has been through the wringer with his prior health issues, so now you and he can breathe a sigh of relief that he dodged a bullet on this one. 

I wish you both health and happiness in the coming years.

All my best,


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Congratulations on the great news!   I am sure no one was offended.  Sometimes when good news is put on, people read and think Way to Go, but do not reply.  No further encourangement was needed.


Keep up the good fight!   

Best Always,  mike

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