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Lighting a candle

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I wonder if we could light a candle or candles for our sisters who have passed. Specific time and date so we can have them all around the world? LMK what you think. we did this before and it was so profound. My picture is the one I lit for Moopy

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It's been a long time since we lit candles/sage to send our thoughts.

There have been so many of us who are no longer physically here bu with us forever.

Thank you MJ for your strength - no one here was ever priviliged to have known her.

When we light candles we also need to remember those Sisters we don't know or do know how they are today.  One I don't know about but do think about is 'Strawberry Shortcakes'.  (Yeah  - I've been around a while.)

Winyan - The Power Within


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Let's do it.



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I always wished we knew what happened. She was going thru so much. Girl Power. Lighting a candle sounds good. A list of our lost sisters?





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This is a lovely idea.  How about tomorrow evening?  Here is a photo of the candle that I lit for too many others. Cry

New Flower
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I will 

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Don't forget our brothers, too. I miss Man With A Mission.

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I miss him also. A lighted candle and a special Prayer. Diana

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Christmas Girl
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... and so meaningful. Although each time we do it, seems more sad.

I remember beginning with a pink, rose-scented candle that had been a gift. When that one was used up, I bought a light green, sage-scented candle. Even though both were fairly large, they're both now gone. The green, sage-scented candle was last burned for our beloved Chenheart - now almost a year ago.

I have a new one, waiting in a closet. Really sorta dislike the thought of beginning yet another... (sigh) But, of course, I will. Thank you, Carkris, for proposing a group candle-burning. Within the past year & off the top of my head - recent losses include:

carriesoup (Carrie Sue Smurkowski)

Jeanne D (Jeanne Doyle)

Robert, Man with a Mission

Dawne, Texasgirl10

I know there are more. :-(

In order to give others a chance to read this thread and join in - I'll propose: maybe Friday evening? (Today is Wednesday.) Or, over the weekend - Saturday, Sunday? I'll be checking back in daily to make sure my own candle is lit along with all of yours.

Kind regards, Susan

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I have been away, how about this week?   I loved shortcakes I think she passed.

New Flower
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long list makes me very sad. let's try to add names of those who shared their story supporting other members

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Let me know....I am needing to say 'goodbye' to many in my 'other' cancer's group, as well....


Hugs, Kathi

New Flower
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I am sure I forgot some, not sure about screen names. To add to the list Susan started




Marsha Mulvey



 Kari Sutter aka PinkKari

 Jamie - aka jamiegww  with her Chihuahua

 Linda Simmons  aka Gabe N Abby Mom

 Claudia Cable aka chenheart

Debbie Williford  aka MyTurnNow

You are alway with us our pink sisters and brothers

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MamaG and Heidi.



New Flower
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Joined: Aug 2009

of course MamaG, Heidi , Kat  and many others who stopped coming.

I am lighting my candle today in loving memory of Kindred spirits who left and watching over us.

We can  repeat next Sunday as well.

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I hope I’m not late for this, I would like to join, let me know when you guys planning to do it.

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Pixie Dust
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Carkris, I am all for lighting a candle for all the wonderful ladies and gentlemens on the list. Even though I do not know any of them since I just joined CSN in January my heart goes out to all and they are missed by many . They all have their angels wings on now and is in no longer pain. My candle will not only be lit for these people but also for many more that I have know who have passed on with any type of cancer and also my mother who passed with BC in 1996. Please let me know when everyone is going to light the candles. Thank you !!   Pixie 

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Jean 0609
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marines911 (his wife) to add to the list. 


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