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Inlyta working!

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I got the news from my scans today.  Shrinkage is some mets and stability in others.  This is especially great since I left MDA feeling hopeless 5 months ago because I was told that the FDA approved drugs don't usually work on unclassified RCC.  Well take that statistics.  I guess I showed you!  Off to party!


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I am so pleased to hear your news Kathy, what a difference it makes when you get some positive feedback. Long may it last! Have you found Inlyta easier on your liver? I know like me you had trouble in that respect with Votrient.

Have a drink on me:)




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Your positive attitude and fighting spirit are helping you as much as the drug. Congratulations and prayers for continued good news.



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Congratulations Kathy!  I am very happy for you.  We are on Inlyta too and its working well.


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You've come a long way baby!

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