.5% chance prayers answered.

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I had a followup with the urologist today.  The two kidney tumors removed durging my partial nephrectomy turned out to be renal epithelial stromal tumor. Basically both were beneign as well as the two nodules removed from my left adrenal gland. I'm in the clear and will have the one year followup CT scan. The tumors were unusal enough that the local pathologist sent out to consultation with a pathologist at Cedars-Sinaii Medical Center in Los Angeles.

I get the stent out next Wednesday. if the tumors were worthy of classification they would be 1a. my wife and i are very thankful and send our hugs and wishes to those less fortunate in their diagnoses.






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    Wow. You are a lucky man.

    Wow. You are a lucky man. Having stared into the abyss, you now know what real happiness is. It's so simple, isn't it? Try to remember it as the day to day stuff starts piling on again and you get back to "normal." You've been given a huge gift and we are all thrilled for you. Now get outta here and don't come back!! Smile