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Emilyw85, Do You Have an Update for Us?

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Emilyw85, Just wondering if you have had confirmation of a breast cancer diagnoses from your doctors yet or are you  here as a caregiver and if that is the case, how is your loved one doing?

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Pixie Dust
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Cinn, I chated with you last nite in chat room. Was nice meeting you. I also have been waiting on a reply back on Emily. I hope everthing is alright with her. Hopefully we will hear something soon.

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Hello Cinnamonsmile, sorry for the late response I have been busy lately with my sister, thank you for caring I appreciate it, I don’t have breast cancer but my life is not free from it because my aunt had breast cancer and other people I know, and now my sister biopsy result came back benign as fibroadenoma, she is not going to need any treatment only checkups if it gets bigger or becomes painful. But I’m still worried. Thank you for your support God bless you all.

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So happy for you Emily.

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Very Glad for you that you do not have Breast Cancer Emily *** and that neither does your sister.

Sorry that your Aunt had it...are you girls her Care Givers?

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