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CMR yet Radiotherapy

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Hello Folks,

I have been getting my RCHOP since Jan and had a PET scan. I was told there isnt any cancer activity and in complete metabolic remission. The doctor told last time that they dont recommend radiotherapy as they would want to leave one treatment method free so that it could be effective for any future treatment. However now another consultant says they are going to refer it to a radiotherapy specialist and then he will decide on it. They say its good and procedural mostly to have radiotherapy for such a big mass(it was more than 11cm). I am just worried if its going to be of any long term issues as my mass was at mediastinal area(nearer to heart). 

So my question is: 1) is Radiotherapy more harmful than chemotheraphy (though its going to be targeted radiotherapy) 2) has anyone skipped radiotherapy and been disease free forever 3) has someone done radiotherapy and have faced long term issues? 4) if anyone had normal rchop/eproch chemo followed by radiotherapy..how many weeks/intensity was employed? 

Pls share your thoughts!!


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Hi Vins,

I have/had Hodgkins Lymphoma and did 6 cycles of ABVD and NO radiation therapy.  I also had a media stinal mass measuring 6cm x 14 cm.  I finished my last chemo on Dec 31, 2012 so have been in remission for over 18 months now.  I don't know if that helps at all.



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I have heard that combining radiation with chemo can increase the chances of developing leukemia later on, but I know it is sometimes necessary. I have also read several times here of people who had radiation near the heart and later developed lung and/or heart problems. Whether those people would have lived long enough to develope those problems without both therapies is unknowable, I guess.

Since you have one recommendation for, and one against, I might seek a third opinion, from someone not on staff at the clinic or hospital where you are currently treated, and then consider all of those opinions together.  I never received radiation myself, and this is about as much as I can suggest on the topic.


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thanks Max and Sharlene..my Haemtologist team says they are recommending no radiation (due to my age+location of mass) but at the same time they are referring to a radiation oncologist to get her opinion..i dont understand this quite contrary idea..if there is no cancer cell to treat what are they going to target for passing rays?? 

i am not sure if i can opt out and remain confident but at the same time i dont want to risk my chances of living without disease by avoiding radiation..i will surely go for a second opinion..thanks again..

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