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They forgot to turn on the chemo pump

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I woke up this morning.", checked out the pump and no flouricalabor d5w had been infused. I realized they had not opened the valve. At 6 am, I opened the valve and left a message foe the infusion center. The response was well let us know when it runs out. They will kindly remove the pump Friday instead of Thursday. No response if there are any changes to the effectiveness. I'm just not a happy camper!


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Hopefully now that things are working it will go smoothly.

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That is awful. I am so glad that you noticed it and turned it on yourself. 

My pump broke in the late evenign, and nobody at the 1-800 # answered. I had to turn it off, and go in the following morning. My Oncologist called the company and told them he would no longer use their pumps because nobody was answering the 1-800 #. I also believe this is why I got neuropathy so bad, as to make up time, the had it infuse every 15 seconds (during my 24-7 six week hook-up). 

Glad you got it sorted, but so sorry you have to be hooked up an extra day. 

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That doesn't give you the warm fuzzies. I don't know about anyone else, but that never happened to my brother. You have to be your own advocate and make sure they are doing what they're supposed to do! Ugh!


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What a bummer? Does it appear to be working now? Did they call you back?
Take care.

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They did call back and the balloon is going down. i now know to double check when I leave. I was pretty wiped out yesterday from the oxi. I went to bed early and didn't look until this morning. I was surprised that the reaction was oh good you turned it on. Sue, I cant believe a broken pump!  Good thing your doctor was on it but geesh they should have known the effect. Sometimes I feel like I want only nurses that have been through chemotherapy. 

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That really sucks. I am sorry to hear that. One time they forgot to order my chemo and i had to wait another week and 2 years ago my port needle apparently moved causing only half the 5fu to gonin me after 46 hours. I was so depressed when i got to the hospital for the disconnect and wasntols i had to keep the pump for another 24 hours.

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Wow. sorry how awful. You shouldn't have to be miserable an extra day. Yesterday I posted to Facebook that I made an appt. At for a sonogram. When I callled to ask a question, the woman said "I never spoke to you, you must have called somewhere else'l". I had taken her name and the phone numberb was in my phone log. I don't understand why they don't just apologize. I apologize to our clients or we wouldn't have any. And my clientsbaren't even in pain. Dismissal should never be an option.

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Is a perfect word for their actions. I complained on Monday about back pain at the kidney level on my right side. On Tuesday I reminded them. They said take muscle relaxers. Today the nurse sounded shocked and said they'd reevaluate when I come in at 4  Hopefully the pump will be empty by that point. Its all about customer service no matter how big or small the company. This is the first time they've been dismissive. 

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