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Post liver surgery CEA results July 8th - 3.5

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This is my third set of results since my Liver Ablation in April, and I am happy to report that my CEA continues to drop, going down this time to 3.5.

My Oncologist is still wary, wanting it to drop below 3, but he did give me the all clear to GO TO ENGLAND. WOOOO HOOOO!

I will have my second follow-up CT scan next month, and in September, I will take my chances with these terrorists, and fly home. 

Today is also the one year mark for my last Chemo treatment. 

Just as an aside, on the way home from the big city, we literally out-run a HUGE sand storm (Haboub). It came rolling across the dessert towards I-80. We ran right before it, and watched it cross the road behind us. It was quite scary for a while, wondering if we could keep ahead of it. This is the same kind of storm that killed a friend a few years ago. 


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I see a big party in England in your future!  

Cathleen Mary
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I am so very happy for you!!!! Enjoy the anticipation of going home. My CEA has not  been under 3.5 in 4 years and I am NED. Make plans!! :)


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That makes me feel really good. Thank you! 

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Enjoy your trip!  I hope you have only good news in your future :)

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Awesome news Sue. Enjoy your trip to England and put this crap out of your mind when you are there. Enjoy.

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That is some wondeful news and the thought of you going back to your homeland is a true pleasure to behold.  Glad all seems to be going well and so glad that the storm you could see in the rear view mirror instead of the front.  Glad you were kept safe Laughing


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good news sue have a super time in england

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That is simply wonderful news!!  :)   Now off to Enland you go!!  :)



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I can't imagine how excited you must be to be able to plan that trip back home.

And I would like to live vicariously through you, so I hope you give us lots of updates and pics!

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Got your dancing man going!  So glad to hear your CEA continues to drop and you're off planning that trip to England!  Wonderful news.

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I hope you have a fantastic time in England, you deserve to celebrate! Smile

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I'll bet you cannot wait 'til Sept. when you actually Go.  Have fun-enjoy your family!!

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