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A Little Update

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Sorry, that i wasn't  too active in the fourm these past few weeks but anyway i am here so i decided to update little bit about my dad. He is already in his 13th days of radition and he will start his second round of chemo on the 10th of this month. His mouth is starting to hurt a little and he said that his throat hurts when he drink water. But we had an appointment with the radition doc this monday, so i hope he can take care of that. Other than that he is still kinda depress about the whole thing but i am trying to lessen it a little and since he miss my mom and my brother and sister we are goin back for 2 days during sat/sun when he is not gonna be having his radition. 

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I used “magic mouth wash” for  throat, mouth and tongue pain.  The formula my pharmacy used was great.

Remind your Dad to keep drinking water and swallowing often, it can pay huge dividends.


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Glad you and your Dad will get a long holiday weekend to hopefully help with the depression. It is very important to continue swallowing or a person can lose the ability. Ask for the Magic Mouthwash that Matt mentioned. No need to wait fo an appt. just call and ask for the perscription.

Best wishes


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Get your dad to be a part of CSN as there are a lot of us here who are 8 to 12 years passed treatment and can help him along the way. Also like Matt said get him on some Magic Mouth Wash, he may also need a PEG tube, it’s not bad I live with one as I can no longer use my mouth to eat. He can get passed this but he will need to keep positive and focus on getting better.

Tim Hondo

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Sounds like things are moving along.  Progress is good.  I hope your dad is able to find a way to cope with everything along the way.  He is very lucky to have you and will certainly be smiling when the cancer is gone.  Hugs to you both.

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