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OT - Fantastic Eye Dr.

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Just wanted to pass on that there are still some Dr (Specialitist) who really do go a bit 'extra' for their patients.

Long story short - last late July my right retina detached and I was sent to a large eye facility but I will not go into what went on there other than to say I had to 'throw  tissy fit' to get to see my Dr - who is not in their facility.

Thurs. afternoon I realized that there was a good  probability that the other retina was detaching.  I called his office a excnd was told to get in there as fast as safely possible.  It was about 3:30 when I got there on July 3rd.  Retina was indeed tearing/detaching, so had gas bubble procedure (sorry don't remember the exact medical term). This morning, Sat., he made a special trip to the facility, which is closed on Sat., to see me.  His RN also volunteered to come before she was asked.  The procedure on Thurs had been doing what was hoped for but cryogenic procedures were called for also, so they were done.   I have his person number just  in case.  I'll be seeing him Mon afternoon.

Yup, there really are still some exceptiional Drs out there.

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