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My Grandpa has lung cancer with metastases (second lung and liver) - 4th grade - please help.. hyperthermia, chemo, etc

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Dear All,

We learned that the grandfather have lung cancer four weeks ago (he know from three weeks). I remember when I went to hospital the day before he learned about cancer and he was happy, joking person, he thought that it is only something like pneumonia. Unfortunately from the next day after that terrible information about cancer he changed really much. He went home, does not want to speak, he was in his own world which of course understandable - to know that you will die in not so far future. Than we learned something about Hyperthermia and even if most of people told to not try it we decide to made it - when Grandpa listened that there is any chance to "cure it" he changed again (on better way). He came to the city where I live (Cracow, South of Poland) and at Wednesday (the day before yesterday) he had first "drip infusion" (1,5h they gave him few injections and the truth is that I do not even know what they made more, they just called it as something like "drip infusion"). Than he should have tomorrow the hyperthermia treatment (which should "help" him before first chemotherapy on Monday). The problem is that he is so weak last days, that even after walk 50 / 100 metres he want go back home because he have pain in back, legs, etc. He is laying on bed and sleeping, sometimes he is going to pee and going back shuffling his feet on the floor, and he is sitting for a while and again laying and sleeping. Therefore we decide to not go for the tomorrow hyperthermia as he is (in our opinion) too week for that, we also think if this chemotherapy will be correct with that condition, but of course it should decide doctor in hospital (Grandpa is not in hospital since two weeks). He is almost not eating, drinking just a little juices and water. One more thing – he start to have pain in his back and he start to have problems with memory (for example, in his room he woke up and he doesn’t knew where he is, or he looked around on my flat /yesterday/ and he told me that it is similar flat to this where we were yesterday, but I told him that we were not anywhere else, and for few minutes he do not want to believe me). 

I will be really thankful for any help from your side. What you think about hyperthermia or Monday chemotherapy? I am sure that you have more experience which even a little can help. 

Thank you in advance.

Could you be so kind and help with any of above problems? Hyperthermia, Chemothermia, help with decisions, etc.

Because it is really hard to sit next to Grandpa who looks, breath and look on you like he will die in a moment.

NSCLC of the right lung – C34.1
Spread to the lungs on both sides, subcutaneous tissue, mediastinal lymph nodes and liver
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Zinacef, Corhydron, Oxodil, Atrovent, Theospirex, Dexaven, Tramal

71-year-old patient admitted because of exertional dyspnea, severe cough, pain in the chest, the appearance of nodules in the subcutaneous tissue of the torso and lower limbs and head. On the basis of the above diagnosis was established diagnosis. When used to treat ailments subjective decreased. The patient consulted oncological, qualified chemotherapy.

(I am sorry for above translation, but I am not enough good in English)

In addition – the doctor said that tumor on the lung is 7cm (three weeks ago)

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This is no longer an automatic death sentence.  In Oct oaf 2010, I was told I had ten-15 months to live.  My metastasis were also to my other lung, liver and lymph nodes. My primary tumor was 12cm.  My treatment was chemotherapy with concurrent radiation.  The chemo agents used were cisplatin and etopicide.  If cisplatin is too harsh, they use carboplatin here.  I hope this helps.  

By the way, your English grammar and spelling are better than many native English speaking people.  

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Thank you very much for your help. The problem is that he is 71 years old, he is really weak, do not want to eat and he start to forget some things. I think it is really bad level of cancer - I want really much to be wrong about this. I am keeping his arm when we are going out for few minutes because he will fall down. I don't know.. I really don't know what it will be.. On Monday probably first chemotherapy. It looks like it will be too late, but I hope I am wrong.

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