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Moving from Folfox4 to Xelox

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I've already done 6 doses of Folfox4 and had a Petscan which came out clean (was operated in Jan of this year). I've been hospitalized twice during this duration (diarrea/low platelet counts), and the regimen was delayed twice as well. My oncologist suggests I should move to 4 dosages of xelox to see if I would tolerate it better. Has anyone here moved from Folfox4 to xelox in the middle of the regimen? Low platelet counts are my main problem for now. 






Inj Oxaliplatin 85mg/m2 01

Inj Biovorin 200mg/m2D1 before SFU

lnj 5-FU 400mg/ m2 Dl-2

lnj 5-FU 600mg/m2 Dl-2

Stage III 

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I switched from Folfox to Xeloda half way through because of side effects. Worked out ok so far. finished in March.


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I switched from FOLFOX to XELOX for the last few rounds do to complications. My body handled the Xeloda much better than the 5FU. XELOX is Xeloda with an oxi infusion. 

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I never had a problem with low platelettes but I have done folfox and a lot of other cocktails that included 5fu. This year i switched from 5fu to xeloda and i find xeloda to be much easier.

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Thanks for all the information guys. I'm not in the US, and am not sure if Xeloda is the same thing as Capox. The other thing I've heard is that in the US, one can control the potency of Xelox tablets, whereas here, they can only change the Folfox potencies but not the tablets. Not sure how correct that is. I just started my 7th Folfox. If I can go through 9 of these, the plan is to end with 2 Xelox/Capox/es. Will keep you updated.

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is Capecitabine; Oxaliplatin is also known as Eloxatin........Latest  that i've seen indicates effectiveness of  Xeloda pill as equal to that of 5- FU infusions....

Folfox is Fluorouracil ( 5FU)+Leucovorin+Oxaliplatin

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Thanks @coloCan. 

My 7th infusion of Folfox4 should be done today. Does anyone know of a study that shows the effectiveness of Folfox4 if one stops after 7th or 10th infusion for example? I could not find such a study. I think I will try Capox next time as suggested by my Onc. Lets hope that my reaction is not very bad with it. 

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I've had both FOLFOX (5-FU and oxyplatin) and XELIRI (Xeloda and irinotecan), both with Avastin.  Xeloda is so much easier than the 5-FU pump, way less fatigue.  Main side effect can be hand and foot tenderness and blisters.  We reduced the Xeloda from 4 pills per dose to 3 and that kept the tenderness and blisters at bay.   good luck!

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