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      It has been a long time since I posted or asked questions. I finished my chemo 4 yrs ago after a bilateral 

mastecomy with reconstruction. I have check ups every 6 months. I just finished my last check up with the PA. I asked

about the recent study results that recommend being on tamoxfien 10 yrs. She said that yes they were recommending that now and my previous onco was doing it before this. I guess I'm post menopausal as all this put me there. She mentioned that I might be changed to Ameridix(sp) or something similar instead. Has anyone else done this? Just curious. I won't have my next checkup till Dec. and will ask Dr. then. I'm 54 and this all started at the age of 50. I still have hot flashes and at times it feels like I'm trying to start my period. Thanks for any input.



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My oncologist has talked to me about this a few times.  He has decided to go with the ten-year plan.  I currently do tamoxifen; he would change to a different drug midway through, as he would have if I were on the five- or seven-year plan.

I am two years out of chemo, come July 16.  Finished radiation therapy the end of September that year.  (Stage IIIA who had a double mastectomy and did not bother with reconstruction)

August will be the last of my three-month checks; I will be switching to six months. 

Last time I was at the oncologist, he remarked to me that I should be good for about 30 years.  (I just turned 60 last month.)

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I was on Arimidex for five years in October of 2013; I started this next five years on Arimidex then, so I will be on it a total of ten years. My oncologist based this recommendation  on the results of the Tamoxifen studies.  Congratulations on the five year mark!  xoxoxo Lynn

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i went off tamoxifen last Aug (age 54) after 5 yrs...no talk of keeping me on it! I was going @ 6mths and now just stretched it out to ONE year.



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My oncologist said once I finish my 5 years on Arimidex it will probably be extended another 5 years.  I've been on for 4 1/2 yrs now.


Stage 2B, N0, M0. PR+


Seems to be the new protocol.


Hope this helps.

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I can't offer anything on Estrogen blockers, but I can give you a Mayo website about menopause.

I do know that you can have hot flashes for years and years. I had surgical menopause in November 2010 and I still get horrible hot flashes.

As far as it feeling like you are trying to start your period...I would talk to an Ob-Gyn.

Here is Mayo's site on menopause:


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