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anaplastic astrocytoma grade 3

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Gene Radcliffe
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Hey, I am SGT Gene Radcliffe U.S. Army. About two months ago I started having sieziers that would knock me out for multiple days, after this started I was sent to Tripler AMC for diagnosis. It turns out I have a anaplastic astrocytoma grade 3 in my left temporal lobe, they docs were able to surgecly remove the majority of the tumor and I am soon to begin radiation treatment and cemo. I am wondering if anyone can give me my odds of surviving this or how long I have to live. I am 25 years old in good shape and I recoverd very well from the surgery. Any help would be appreciated, thank you

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I was diagnoised with OLI II/III brain tumor, left front lobe September 2011 at the age of 28. I only suffered a severe headache, brought me to my knees, and transported to nearest hospital, CT showed mass on the brain.  Was flown to Sanford in Fargo, ND- Surgeon's from Mayo were flown in, removed 99 % of umor.  I went 6 week(30) radiation, and 6 weeks(30) of Chemo at the same time and then 1 year of higher dose of Temador (Chemo).  My tumor was dx by John Hopkins in Baltimore, MD, Mayo was unable to dx, treatment and care is being done at Roger Maris Cancer Center, Fargo, ND.  John Hopkins conducted a Genetic Molecular Study, I have both deletion 1p19q, which allows for treatment to work for this tumor.  Today, I am 100% cancer free, check up every 6 months. 

My MRI's are all the same, can be stacked on top each other.   My Oncologist at Roger Maris Cancer Center is the top 1 percent doctor in the the USA.  Radiologist at RMCC is also very well published, also tops in his field.  I really lucked out to get three top treating facilities.   I never suffered any physical or mental problems, perfectly normal .  I eat well, exercise regularlly, and enjoy life.  I returned back to work, hanging with friends, love ice fishing, hunting and am presently restoringa 1950's 1 ton truck.   

My tumor is anaplastic Astrocytoma II/III Oligodendroglioma- which is 2% of all brain tumors in your men and women in 20's and 30's.

So, SGT Gene, ask your doctors about deletions, how many of your type of tumor have they treated, success rate and don't ever let a doctor give youa timeline, there is none and everyone is different. My treating facilities have patients with our tumor, 30 and 40 years out and living their life fully.

Remember to FIGHT-FIGHT and FIGHT !!!!!

 Also, I have many post on this site if you want to read my story!


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Gene Radcliffe
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Benjamin, I thank you for the response. That actually gives me quite a bit more positive of an outlook on this, I am on the exact same treatment regimin as you were. Currently two weeks in and so far so good.

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Don't believe in the statistics. My sister is 3 years out of her initial diagnosis and still going strong. 



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od im glad to hear your sister is doing great! Prayers continue for you and her both! God Bless!

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   Thanks for your motivational reply to this string.  I too had a left frontal lobe neoplastic astrocytoma grade II/III.  I had it removed in 2005 ( 25 years old), I believe it started growing back in 2009, but a misread MRI didn't show it back until 2013.  I underwent radiation therapy last year and have been living a normal life.  I keep fighting every day.  There are some days I get through it better than others.  I recently changed doctors and though my tumor was shrinking ever so slightly after radiation therapy last year, it seems to finally stopped.  Now my new doctor wants to put me through a 6 month chemo treatment, I am not sure if I want to do this or wait it out. I am sould provider for my family right now and am afraid the chemo could do more harm than good.  Thoughts?




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Goodmorning Joe,

      Another wonderful day!  Go for the Chemo- I am surprised that Chemo(Temodar) and Radiation were not done at the same time.  Chemo

is pill form, taken at night after dinner and after a anti nausea medication.  I was able to continue on each day like normal, doctor's were

on top of everything - so did not even suffer from nausea or wasn't tired, but remember each person is different.  I did loose hair over my

temples, but it has grown back.   Ask your Oncologist questions about treatment- type you will receive, will you continue on longer with

a higher dose after the initial 6 weeks of treatment.  Diet to follow, I found that drinking PowerAde, keep me hydrated, staying away

from orange juice, and eating healthy, along with walking daily kept me going strong. 

    6 weeks sounds like a long time, but it goes by quickly, and is so worth the results in the end.  The Oli-Grade tumor has fingerlings that

can cross over to the other side of the brain, if not destroyed off by Chemo.  I was on a stronger doseage after the initial 6 weeks of Chemo and

radiation, which was another 6 months 5 days out of the month.  I worked the whole time and lived each day as I had normally done before

the cancer.  I have been cancer free from my initial first surgery to remove the tumor. 

    Do what is right for you and your family!  Just remember to Fight, Fight, and Fight , never give up or loose hope.  If you are not

completely happy with your doctor's find one you are comfortable with.   Roger Maris Cancer Center has an outstanding team of doctors,

nurses and staff that make you feel like family, and are tops in this country.


 Prayers for strength and healing!






PBJ Austin
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In 2009 my 25 year old sister was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma grade 3, also in the left temporal lobe.  She had surgery and her larger tumor was removed, yet 2 small tumors could not be removed.  Her prognosis was grim.  We were told that chemo/radiation will prolong her life but there will be no remission and she will be gone in 3-7 years. 


Kid sis said that's a load of bull and she will beat this.  She went thorugh radiaiton and chemo and in less than a year she was NED!!  (No Evidence of Disease)  In 2015 she will reach her 5 years of NED and as she is convinced it's gone for good.  Unless it ever comes back we all believe the same.


Just remember that the odds don't always apply as you are an individual person.  No matter what they tell you keep fighting and believe you can win!!



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Mine was discovered in July 2007.  It was surgically removed August 2007 at MD Anderson.  Chemo for 1 year and Radiation for 6.5 weeks that finished up in Oct. 2007.  Cancer-free as of May 2014 (that was my last yearly MRI check up). 

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