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Gone from a being a bride to a caregiver in 2 weeks

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My husband and I got together July 2013. We had a loving, passionate relationship. And still do...most of the time. We are both in our mid 40's.

We planned to marry down the road but then he started having health issues. He needed insurnace so we married sooner than later so I could add him to my insurance.

2 weeks after our quicky wedding he was diognosed with multiple myeloma. Didn't see that coming! 

We are just beginning to wrap our heads around this horrible disease. 

More and more this kind, patient, loving man is beginning to lose his patience with me. He complains a lot about everything; is often short and condisending with me.

I am very concerned. The hard part hasn't even started yet!!! 


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This can be tough esp when this should be the happy time in your life just getting married and all, Sorry. I noticed your post is over 6 mts old. How are things at this time ? Hopefuly they have gotten better, sometimes when we are dealing with cancer people get scared and say and do things they do not mean they are just scared as hell! In time they learn to deal with their emotions , hopefuly he is dealing with his fears in a way that is less directed at you with focus on getting better, Please up-date us. Sending peaceful thoughts your way

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of course he is worried, but that does not excuse his treatment of his caregiver.  I have MM and my husband is my caregiver and I am grateful for his care.  Otherwise, I would be in a nursing home. Maybe try an antidepressant for him. 

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