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Preparing for Colonoscopy with Hyponatremia

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I did not participate in the recent discussion (Gina) about colonoscopy.

I have never had one, but my oncologist has been nagging me about it. I asked my family doctor: "If I had colon cancer, wouldn't it show up on a PET scan"? She replied, "Probably".  I asked my oncologist the same question and his reply was: "Not before it is too late". 

I am going for it tomorrow. 

I have mentioned here before about my hyponatremia (low sodium) which actually does not bode well for my clinical outcome as far as cancer goes.  As you know the colonoscopy procedure requires a liquids only diet prior to ingesting copious amounts of laxative. The problem for me involves the fact that I am on strict fluid restrictions in order to maintain my electrolyte balance. It is weird and I cannot understand it to save my life. 

I have already had to postpone this procedure a few times. Last Monday, when I had my Rituxan Maintenance, my sodium was 128. ("Normal" is 135 - 145). My Nephrologist said it should be at least 130 before I could go forward with the prep. After spending the past week thirsty, in spite of the heat, and keeping my fluid volume below 2 liters per day, with an added Rx protein supplement, my blood sodium today was up to 132. Yay!

I have been drinking my heart out! Tea, water, ginger ale, clear peach flavor Ensure, Coke, a fabulous homemade broth. Yum, bring it on. It feels like such a guilty pleasure to actually feel free to drink whatever and and as much as I want. 

In about an hour, I will begin to drink the jug of PEG-3350 & ELECTROLYTES. I have a good book to read and I suppose the throne is just a good of place as any. I will get up at 3AM to drink more. Mmmm. Arrival at the clinic is 7:15. 

Wish me luck!



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I'm in Michigan right now visiting a friend so not on alot.  Good luck tomorrow!

A colonoscopy is not a bad procedure.  You will probably be pretty hungry when it's all over.  I remember my extended stays on the throne as well ;).

Keep us updated and again, good luck!

Hugs - Jim

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Well by now the worst is over.  The actual event is pretty easy.  It is the fasting and "other" stuff that is the hardest.  In your case though you were able to enjoy the guilty pleasure of having liquids.  We sure take things for granted.  I don't drink enough liquids and have to practically force myself, but if I was cut off, I would probably miss it, I can't imagine how it must be for you who really does love liquids.  The first time I had a colonoscopy, I was pretty groggy most of the day but the following ones I have felt pretty normal afterward, so guess it could go either way.  

Sweet dreams. Becky Wink

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Hi Rocquie,

 I've had one colonoscopy and it went just fine. The darn prep is actually the hardest part. Good luck tomorrow...all will be good.


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Good luck Rocquie!!!

I've never had a colonoscopy so I can't contribute to much on that but it sounds like a CT procedure to me! That iodine liquid thing always gives me the runs for two days hahaha sorry (too much info)! I feel your pain about not able to drink liquids...I can't live without water, I think I would die of thirst..I honestly drink 4 or more of those double gulp cups that they sell at 7/11!

I hope it goes well and you only get good news! Let us know when you get the results. Sending you positive vibes (((Hugs)))



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There. Done. No problems. No polyps. Nothing to report. 

They gave me what they called "conscious sedation". I may have gone to sleep if they had waited a few minutes. But nope, the nurse administered the drugs and the doctor immediately went in. I was awake and watching the same monitor he was. I could also feel what was happening "up in there" which was weird but not especially painful. 

I am also reporting that I had visual proof the prep really did its job. My insides were squeaky clean. 

I am SO glad that it over!


PS to Liz--the CT scan prep is much worse.


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Thanks, Rocquie - good to hear it!  


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How did Rocquie make out with her colonoscopy with hyponatremia?

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....... but hopefully Rocquie will see this and respond. You might try sending her a Private Message (PM). She is always very helpful.

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If you check a couple posts up in this thread, you will see I reported that I had no problems at all. I also replied to your private message.

Good luck,



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