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Hair donations??

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After chemo, I started growing my hair back.  I wanted to grow it long enough to donate.  It is long enough now.  I am just not sure the best place to donate it to.  I have always thought I would donate to locks of love, but have been hearing some bad things about them recently.  I have also learned about the Pantene Beautiful lengths.  I am interested in it somewhat because they do wigs for adults to not just kids (not that there is anything wrong with that).  Any advice???  It took so long to grow.... I don't want to give it to the wrong place....  Thanks!!!

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I have also been wondering about this.  My granddaughter has grown a beautiful head of hair and wants to donate.  I heard that locks of love needs to be paid to take it???  I would also appreciate any info.

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I also heard that Locks of Love doesn’t give its hair pieces away at least not most of them, they may give a few but the rest need to be paid for to have it, but if you want to donate you hair Punkindo just go for it, for me what counts is your wish to help others with cancer.

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what about contacting   American Cancer Society ..  800 number on site here and ask if they have recommendation - or know of any organizations that actually use 'hair' for children battling cancer.  

Just my thought.

Vicki SamEmbarassed

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Thanks for the advice!!  I just called them.  They do like working with Pantene:)  They said that Pantene actually donates the wigs they make to them for women free of charge.  That way women that need wigs can have access to them.  For children they like wigsforkids.com.   They I guess cant officially endorse any group, but they have worked with these two and know that these 2 groups do what they do to help people fighting cancer not to make money.  Some of the other groups that you can donate hair to resells it, charge for their wigs, or only donate a small percentage to people that need them.  It confirms what I was already thinking.   Today I am donating my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths:)

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