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Jeanne on Here has passed

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Joined: Oct 2008

So sad, what a lovely lady she was.   Rest Peacefully sweet Jeanne.  Tash xxxxxxx

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Joined: Jun 2014

So sorry, and yes it’s sad, May she rest in peace 

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Christmas Girl
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For those who might recall, long-term members... She was known as "Jeanne D" (her actual name was Jeanne Doyle & "Jeanne on Here" was her Facebook ID). She was very active on this board beginning back in 2009, or so. She arrived here as a 2-time breast cancer patient/survivor. Two different types of BC, decades apart. Her 3rd DX was just too much for her - evil cancer.

Jeanne was funny & warm. Supported & inspired many pink sisters. She will be greatly missed & always remembered with deep affection by many, including me.

Tash's words (above) are perfect: 'So sad, what a lovely lady she was.'


For all who knew & loved Jeanne - am sending hopeful thoughts of comfort & for healing.

Kind regards, Susan

New Flower
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Joined: Aug 2009

Jeanny was a very sweet person positive about life. 

she helped many on this board.

Rest in peace dear Jeanne

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Very sad to hear the news, even if I did not know her. We share the same disease.







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I am so very saddened to hear of this. Rest in peace sweet sister. 

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It really is another sad day. Just keep HOPEing that something will be found to stop this, or at least to turn it into a chronic, manageable disease for all. May she rest with the angels.

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Pixie Dust
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Jeanne, you now have your wings so fly with all the other angels with out pain. You will be missed. Praying for family and loved ones.  Donna     

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Unfortunately I didn't know Jeanne.  I hope she will rest in peace and is seeing how much she was loved from above where she is soaring through the heavens with her new angel wings :'(

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Such a supportive Sister in PINK ..  Lovely lady with a GREAT love of life.

Extended prayers for her loved ones.

Vicki Sam


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Jeanne touched so many of us on this board.. I am so grateful that I had the chance to get to know her better and call her my friend.

She will be truely missed.. 



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The sadness is ours to bear, RIP sweet.

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So sory to hear that another one of our sisters has been taken. I know she will be watching over us.



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I'm sorry to hear this news and I send my condolences to her family.



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Bella Luna
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So sorry to hear Jeanne has passed on.  Rest in Peace.

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sigh I hate cancer. she was very brave and giving until the very end. Her husband will be lost

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