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**Happy Birthday** MyTurn Now - June 28th

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Hap Hap Happy Birthday !!Kiss  Enjoy all the love, cake and festivties today brings your way - dear Sister in PINK.


Vicki Sam

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Happy birthday Vick! I hope you’re having fun, it’s your birthday or someone else on the forum?  

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Hugs, Kathi

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Many of us remember Debbie (MyTurnNow), who passed away last December 30th, having been a member of this board for 4+ years.  She and I were diagnosed at about the same time in 2009, and went through treatment together.

I hope she's celebrating in heaven today, and continuing to make the rest of us look like lazy slugs with her regular Jazzercise classes!  I miss her.


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I, too, hope she's celebrating in heaven. And I hope her family is doing well.



New Flower
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Keeping memories alive, happy birthday in heaven

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