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Ed Brabant
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Joined: Apr 2013

Got my scan results Friday. Sitting inthe room waiting for the the doctor to come in I still had the feeling of doom. The doctor opens the door looks at me and said. "What are tou doing here? Your scans are fine. they show shrinkage. Stop trying to analyze things. Only scans can tell if the Votrient stops working." So from now on no more worrying. Well maybe not as much....

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Keep it up.



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Congrats Ed.  I hope you can find peace of mind. 

Ed Brabant
Posts: 61
Joined: Apr 2013

Thats the plan. Take the meds and go on with life. Let the scans show if its working or not. Not the arm chair doctoring.....

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"What are you doing here?", though? Really? You were there to find out!

Of course we worry. Who wouldn't. Learning to let go of stuff out of our control is tough. Still, it's not always so clear what's in and out of our control and dealing with a difficult diagnosis and treatement is stressful. I don't know how it could be otherwise. Maybe Mother Theresa could have done a better job. I'm sure not Mother Theresa. :)

Congrats on the good news.


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Scans and blood tests this Wednesday. Get results next week. No worries here.. For now. Ron

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