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Results from today

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My colonoscopy was clear and won't have to see him for another 3 years so that was awesome news but asked him him if I could do every two years and he said that insurance won't cover that but I said I have to pay for the first $7,000 deductible and he said most insurance won't cover it and I told him I would prefer 2 years and when he left he told me see you in 3 years - maybe 2  Laughing.  My endoscopy went pretty good.  He didn't find anything in my throat area even though it feels swollen and when I told him I was to an ENT last month and they told me I have swollen nasal passages and sinusitis he told me that possibly could be it and to follow back up with them.  He did find an area that was irritated near the opening of the stomach and took a biopsy and he also took a biopsy of the area leading into the small intestine to see if I might have a gluten allergy.  He told me they would check for precancerous cells and immediately my head is reeling and he said don't worry the polyps they cut out are precancerous so this is no different it doesn't mean I have cancer.  He said I'll get results in about a week but did say that everything looked pretty good so I'm relieved a little bit but always the worry.  Now the wait for the results - ugg.  He didn't see anything unusual and I'm thinking they can probably tell if it's cancerous or not by the way it looks.  Both of those doctors are new to me so it was hard dealing with someone I don't know but they were both very nice.  Endoscopy doctor told me that while I was sleeping I gave him my bank account number  so he has a sense of humor.

I've lost this text 4 times because of this site because of a font change so I'm rewriting again.  Left out a lot because I've not slept for days because of worry.  The prep I took started at 6:00 p.m. last night and started again at 3 am (did the split prep - first time) and I've been pooping for 12 hours straight and I'm too tired to try to write again what I wrote earlier.  My butt looks like a furnance with red flames going on each side because the amount of times I went to the bathroom which was a total of 45 times or more.  My butt looks like a big burn.  I feel bad for anyone that has to go through this torture of pooping.  I don't think when they give you this stuff when you've had colonrectal problems they take that into consideration.  My goodness they want you to take the prep and it takes me 4 hours to stop going and then wake up again at 2:00 am and start the other half.  How do they even expect you to sleep.  Ugg I'm so tired and I keep writing.  I'm just so frustrated and trying to chill out tonight. 

Thanks for prayers and thoughts and good vibes as it means a lot to me.

Keep me in the same prayers and thoughts/vibes for a good biopsy report.

Hugs! Kim (5th time writing this and I'm going to bed)   Any typos or misconstrued words I'm too tired to care Laughing


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Let me be the first to wish you many happy and healthy years. We are all left with more or less mental and physical scars, but at least we are here. 

Take care and I hope you heal up fast.


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Annabelle - That's great news indeed.  I hope the biopsies come out fine, it sounds like they should.  I so hear you on the prep, it's the worst!  Traci

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The prep is the worst part of the whole test. Sounds like the good vibes and prayers are working. Keeping my fingers crossed the results are as positive as we hope. 

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That's all good. I think the biopsies will be fine.

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All in all it sounds like a pretty good report. Congrats.  It doesn't get easier does it, the worry is always there.  Hang in there!

Hugs - Tina

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Try RADIAGEL frm walmart to soothe aa burning bun.  LOL

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Great news on the clear colonoscopy.  Now the waiting for the biopsy results - it's always something to be anxious about...  You should enjoy the good news.  It sounds like he was thorough in getting two samples since you mentioned a problem.

I'm sure everything will be fine.  Thanks for sharing your good news!


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I'm really happy for you.  And I'll be waiting to hear the final biopsy results, but I've got a good feeling that this will be all clear as well!

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Three years. Two. Three years. Two. I bet you have one in two years. You go girl!

I'm glad its all over, that's one good thing; especially the whole prep horror. I hope your poor bum gets better and soon. Heaven's above! It sounds as bad as radiation burn. One of my favourite things to use is Bio-Oil. Also an organic Aloe Vera liquid (no additives); you keep it in the fridge, so it goes on nice and cold. 

Here's hoping you get the throat thing sorted. 


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Nana b
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Hope you rested and your butt is not glowing :).   blessings. 



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The waiting does seem to be the hardest.  You are very much in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope everything continues to come back clear!

The prep sounds awful.  Moments like that, I try to remind myself that someone somewhere is paying the big bucks for that under the auspices of "spa treatment."


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I am very happy for you and I wish you a worry free week.  Two to three years.....that is exciting!


Cathleen Mary
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Sounds like very good news!  Hope the waiting goes quickly....hate waiting...and you can celebrate all over again.

Good news is a lovely way to begin summer.




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Congratulations on positive results! Great news

all the best



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