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just had port put in yesterday was rougher than expected

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Sorry you had a rough experience. You will like the port when treatments begin. I hate any form of sedation so I had the port put in with no drugs. Was a little painful, but not bad. I guess I was lucky. You will get through this!! Stay positive. 

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Welcome to the group.  I had diffuse large B cell too.  I'm going on three years remission and I still have my port though we plan to have it removed after I hit the 3 year mark in November.

You'll find great folks here so please feel comfortable to ask questions, vent, etc.

Like the name by the way!

Positive thoughts,



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I'm sorry to hear your port placement was rough and I hope you feel better by now. 

Many of the people here love their ports. I am not one of them. But it is super convenient and the nurses sure love it! 

What chemo are you having? 

I look forward to knowing you better,



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 I have never had a problem with my port and am very happy I didn't get it removed after my 2 years Rituxan maint was finished. I relapsed in April of this year and have needed it for blood draws, etc, so keeping it in was a good idea on my doctors part. In time you will get use to it, but it is a daily reminder for us of why we have it in the first place....that part I do not enjoy! Hang in there and let us know how things go for you. Best wishes...Sue

(Follicular NHL-stg3-grd2-typA-Dx 6/10-age 63)

Relapsed in April 2014...Doing "watchful waiting" at this time. Undecided

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This is what worries me .. only 2 more treatments to go before I am done w/ the rituxan maintenance I know I am at high risk of it coming back.. that must have been a kick in the butt.. My heart and prayers/positive thoughts go out to you. Might I ask.. what is this "watchful waiting"?



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  Watchful waiting is a term used when they decide not to do chemo because,the cancer/tumors are not causing a problem or acting aggressive at the present time. In my case, the cancer in my paratracheal node is not causing any discomfort, or showing aggressive growth. It's only 2.5 centimeters Same with the smaller cancerous node in my cheek. We will watch things closely and if anything changes, like weight loss, night swets, fever, or pain , then chemo will  be started again. My Oncologist will check my blood in August and possibly do another CT scan. Watchful waiting is a bit stressful because it makes you feel like the cancer is just free to do what it wants with nothing there to put it in check. I had radiation to the cancer in my eye,and will see an eye specialist every 3 months for a check up. If my vision changes,I see a change in my eye, or experience pressure or pain again, more radiation will need to be done. So...in the meantime I just "wait and watch"...hence the term "watchful waiting". Hope I explained it ok. Love...Sue

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