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I am 7 years in remission could radiation still be effecting me. Like having shortness of breath. Feels like asthma. I had radiation on the chest area. 

Max Former Hodg...
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I never received radiation, but I have heard of radiation to the chest causing a variety of issues. I have had lung problems since beginning chemo five years ago, and in fact have some fibrosis.  The exact cause is still unknown, and the pulmonologist told me it may never be known.  He also discoved that I have non-allergic asthma last month.

Who do you get your post-treatment wellness checks from ? I would demand that they investigate this.   If you are no longer seeing an oncologist, I would make an appointment with a pulmonologist . Getting to one is one of the best medical moves I have made in years (I was sent by my oncologist).  I am on a daily inhaler that has helped my breathing dramatically.  I was to the point that I could not walk far, and staggered at times, probably near a faint.  Constant, dry cough.  Since the inhaler, I virtually never cough.

My guess is that you need to see a lung specialist.  Your bio says you are 20-29 years old.  Shortness of breath at your young age is certainly not normal.


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