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What is better, laparoscopy or regular surgery for hysterectomy?

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Does anyone have an opinion on this? Davinci robotic or regular surgery? And what was your experience after your procedure and during and how long was recovery? Thank you! And good luck to everyone!

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I had the robotic surgery and it was very simple and easy for me.  They made 5 small incisions and removed everything.  I was up and walking after a ocouple of hours and went home the next morning.  I did not have any pain, but for the fist couple of nights I did take some pain medication at night before I went to bed to help me sleep just in case it started to hurt in the middle of the night.  My doctor said to take 6-8 weeks off of work, no heavy lifting and just take things easy.  We had already had a cruise planned and my doctor said he saw no reason I couldn't go.  My surgery was New Years Eve 2012 and we left 2 weeks later. 

My niece had one done 2 months after me and she had to have the traditional surgery because she had so much scar tissue after C sections for childbirth.  She had so much trouble.  They had to go back in because they had nicked her bladder during surgery.  She was off for 3 1/2 months and had pain for the first 2 months. 

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that really helps to hear details.  Thanks again! Good luck to you.

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My doctor told me he would be doing the traditional surgery. Since he has a very good reputation I didn't question it. I had no complications and only stayed in the hospital 2 nights. I was able to travel 5 hours by car and attend my son's wedding 3 and a half weeks after surgery. I stayed out of work 6 weeks (desk job) because that is what my doctor recommended. 



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I had the davinci robotic surgery. My doctor made three very small incisions, one of which was on my belly button. You can't even see them now.....they look like a very small scratch but you have to search for them. Recovery was very easy, and I found I had to keep reminding myself not to pick up anything heavy because I felt fine in a very short time. 

From what I remember, the first few days were the worst, and I needed my husband's help to stand up from a sleeping or sitting position. But walking helped my muscles get back in shape, and it wasn't long before I was feeling back on top.

I know everyone's experience is different, but for me the recovery was quick. 

My surgery was in mid June, and I was back to work in August, as I'm a teacher and took all the time I needed to recover. 

Good luck to you!

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Double Whammy
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I don't think one surgery isn't any "better" than the other.  Some surgeons like to palpate the organs and tissues and you can't do that with laparoscopic surgery.  Others argue that the magnification with the camera on the DaVinci is so much better (10X I think) that they can see much better than touch.   I had Davinci robotic assisted hysterectomy.   My surgeon told me that there have been instances where he reverted to open surgery if he cannot access an area, but that has been very rare for him.    Everything was removed (uterus and cervix, tubes, ovaries, lymph nodes) and pelvic wash performed via robot.  I feel like my surgery was performed by an experienced, skilled surgeon and am confident all is well - but my cancer was Stage 1a, Grade 1 and pretty "routine". 

So I think it depends - on the type of cancer you have and suspected stage, as well as the skill of the surgeon and experience with either method. 

My recovery was amazing.  I took pain meds in the hospital only and only because I was afraid not to.  Once home, I did take tylenol the first day, but nothing after that.  Felt wierd, but not pain.  I could not believe I really had major surgery.  Had to be really conscious of taking care of myself because after several days, I felt perfectly normal.  My surgeon cautioned me that I had "major surgery with small incisions". 



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It happened to Me
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My doctor prefers the Davinci because it can see things the human eye can't.  In fact, the robot found a pea sized tumor on the back of my pelvis and he said he wouldn't have seen it.  He also said that if he felt that I needed to be opened up, he wouldn't hesitate to do that.  I agree that it depends on the doctor's preference.

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Thank you for a very thoughtful reply. It takes time and I greatly appreciate it!  I have the Davinci Robotic hysterectomy July 14th. Good luck to all!


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To you.

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Ladies, (I apologize if I told you all this)  Of the five incisions I had for the Da Vinci one is (now) about 2 inches long.  It was the longest to heal, etc...and it felt like it was "pulling", and when I saw my reg gyn in January she asked why is that one so big?  I told her I would find out the next time I see the surgeon (gyn/onc) and when I saw him in April he said "I had to put my hand in you".  The nurse in the room laughed and so did I.  He said, "I can't remember if it was before or after but I had to feel around for bumps and the robot can't do that".  The nurse really laughed and said, "I thought he was joking!"  ME TOO!

I get to see my reg gyn later this month and I can't wait to tell her!  My gyn onc is a big guy - over 6 feet tall!  He's got BIG HANDS!  LOL!!!  (I can laugh these days - we didn't always laugh when I first visited him)

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The "hand" story! my Gyn onc is a small guy (thank goodness!) :)


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Glad to hear it made you smile.  We gotta laugh!  It is good for the soul (and to me - healing)

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