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 Hi , after I recently had a angioplasty they informed me I had 9.9mmstar-shaped nodule in my upper left lung. Next was a pet scan, my pulmonologist looked in over and said that the odds were very high , that this was lung cancer. my 3 sisters died of it within 6 months of each other from it. so then he sent me to get a pulmonary function test and then yesterday I had a ct guided needle biopsy and i got a small lung collapse from it. The doctor taking it said he took 3 pieces of it  and he hopes to have gotten it, but if he didnt i would have to do it again. this is something I do not wish to repeat .I am worried that it is but do not wish to repeat the biopsy, as they went in to the back , couldnt get into it right and had to do it on my side by my breasts instead. Since most of you have gone through this before, any suggestions on if I will have to do a repeat, the results are pending he said. And how long before I will know what the results may be. I would appreciate any input on how to handle all this



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    I didn't have a biopsy as it was too small at 7mm.  The procedure for me was to rescan in 3 months to see if it grew, well it grew to 1.3 cm, so therefore it had to come out.  I had my lower right lobe removed on 9-23-10 and was staged a 1a, so I didn't need chemo.  So far so good.  Just know 9mm is very small and if it is cancer it has been caught very early.  I also post on the Inspire web site as there is a lot of traffic there.  Hopefully, others will chime in.  I wish you well. Lori

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    Hi.  Biopsy results can take anywhere from 72 hrs to 1 week. hopefully they got what they need and have enough material for genetic testing.  Another biopsy alternative may be the EBUS.  It depends on the location of the mass.  Have they done a ct?  PET scans should be accompanied by one.  They give too may false positives to assume that the a high SUV reading.  Exposure to allergens, cleaning fumes or having a mild cold can all cause a high reading.  The shape is suspicious but does not mean that it can be nothing else.  

    before you have another biopsy you should insist on a second opinion at an NIH/ National Cancer Institute affiliated cancer center.  9.9 mm is still a small mass. I would almost request another ct in 6-8 weeks and then do a new biopsy.  

    Your fear of this disease is certainly understandable  but this does not have to be a death sentence.  In 2010, I was told I had 10-15 months.  I'm still standing and have a wonderful life.  My parents both died of this disease (well dads was mesothelioma). Both within a few short months.  Dad in 1968 at age 41, mom at 75 in 2006.  Mom had comorbidities that made chemo impossible.  


    Please let us know how the biopsy turns out. 

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    My husband's nodule was very small and at first they didn't want to do a biopsy due to the size.  But our specialist told them he wanted it done.  It was a needle biopsy because of the location and yes his lung collapsed and he spent 3 days in the hospital but it re-inflated without any problems.  Mainly the specialist wanted it done because his cancer at the cervical of his esophagus had reoccurred.  It took then 4 tries to get cells to biopsy but it was cancer.  It was a spread and my husband decided no further treatment.  He had already been thru the ringer with 72 rounds of radiation, 10 chemo, and surgery for laryngeal cancer, then the second primary at the cervical of his esophagus and then the reoccurrence and spread to his lung. 

    Funny thing was our oncologist, who I didn't like, told us it was too small to treat.  Never heard of that but the other tumor was quite large.  It has been almost 18 months and he is still with me.

    Wishing you the best