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Just spent the last week in the hospital...

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I  had my chemo treatment last tuesday and I was feeling okay.  Then on tuesday night my fever spiked up to 102.3.  Jenny called the oncologist and she said to go the er.  By the time I got to the er (a 10 minute drive) my temperature was 102.8.  They did a chest xray, a cat scan and drew alot of blood and found out that I had broncial pnemonia so in the hospital I went.  I was treated with 2 antibotics and sent home with one antibotic.  While in the hospital my oncologist and I had a meeting and decided to take me off of the gemzar (she believes that I am having a reaction to it).  So at the appt this friday we are going to come up with a new plan for me.  Hopefully she will select on with little side effects.




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wow sorry to hear of you ER visit..I"ll check back to see if any updates



New Flower
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I am glad your oncologist  very proactive and on the top of your treatment. I am sure she will select a drug which you will tolerate better. Get well soon and keep us posted


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Hope you are feeling better!  I was hospitalized after my first chemo treatment.  I was so very ill!  they gave me neulasta with the following treatments and the results were much better!


Hang in there!

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Very sorry to hear  this. I hope things work out and start looking up right away.

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Pixie Dust
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Mommaellen, I do not know who you are but all of us on CSN are on here for one reason and that is BC. I am glad that you are out of the hospital and hope you are doing well as expected. We never know what lies ahead of us when we are taking chemo and other meds. One minute you will be fine with whatever and then iit can change qiuckly. I do hope that your meds are straightend up soon and you can continue on with kicking the beast butt !!!!  Prayers are going out your way.  Donna

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Glad you got on top of things and went to ER right away.   I had a terrible reaction to my first chemo also and they had to call 911 because my temp spiked at about 104 that afternoon and I went into the shakes and felt like I was freezing to death.    Subsequently after each of my chemo treatments I would get a fever within about a week that required antibiotics...they gave me Levaquin for it each time....and I made it through.  However a year later I woke up one day with a Frozen Shoulder and I really believe it was caused by the Levaquin although can't really prove it.

A frozen shoulder on the left side where I had the lymphectomy...so could not have any shots there or do an operation to free the shoulder so had to endure 5 months of 3 times a week Physical Therapy..... oh joy........terrible pain in that one.    Got it all loosened up finally however and did not suffer Lymphodema in that arm as I feared might happen.    Praying for you....we all are  :)

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How are you doing ??   any better --  please post an update when time permits.

Gentle hugs,

Vicki SamKiss

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