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surgery update

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Wow, i cant be more thankful!! I had my surgery on June 18. The surgeon removed 15 cm of my rectum, biopsy my liver and removed 20 lymph nodes. As of today, im cancer free!!!! The liver was negativte, 20 out of 20 nodes negativte, and i dont have a bag either. I couldnt have wrote a better outcome. Man, i feel very blessed. Have a huge vertical incisuon about 10 inches across my abdominal, in some pain but it a healing pain!!! And it feels amazing!!! thanks for the out pouring of support from everyone. What an increbible journey!! Keep fighting it makes a difference!!! God is good and prayers are answered! 

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Terrific!  Get better soon

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You know what that means? Everyone, say it together 'Bring on the Happy Dancing Man!'

Remember, the pain from surgery is to remind you not to do too much too soon. Saying that, be sure to walk your butt off, as that is the best exercise out there. 

Are you going to be able to skip chemo and radiation? Do you Doctor's have a plan to treat you or just watch you? 

Don't be a stranger here. Your success is our motivation. 


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Nana b
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That is great. Don't want to crumble your joy.  You deserve it, but hope they have done scans.    

After my colon surgery,  I was told just in the lymph nodes until they did a pet scan and then...there they are, 3 mets. 


I hate telling you this but please ask for a scan if you haven't had one. Mine were done weeks after surgery when I was set up with an oncologist. 

Prayers that all is good. 






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Fantadtic news Jeremy. Your right that it couldnt have gone any better. I am glad you have the sense to realize that and be thankful for it.

Cathleen Mary
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Womderful news, Jeremy!  Celebrate.  Thanks for sharing the good news... It is upliftimg for all of us.


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