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3 month CT for everybody???

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Is everybody getting CT's every 3 month for the first year? I had a rectal cancer with no lymph node or other organ involvement.

Thank you, 


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That was my routine for the first 9 mo to a year.


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the cancer spread now its every three. 

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I had stage 3b/signet cell (of the ascending colon).  I had CT's every 6 months the first 1 1/2 years and CEA every 3 months. 

Now that I am (almost) 2.5 years NED the Onc moved me to CT's every year and CEA's still at 3 months.

I believe it depends how you were staged.

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  In the bad old days I only had one every six months for three years then one a year out to six years. Cheers ron.

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Nana b
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I only got a CT if my CEA was up, or I was on chemo and had to have a mid point Check. While NED, only CEA. 

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Every three months for at least the first year or until you are NED and done with treatment.

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My cancer center did a scan before surgery, and then another after for a baseline.  Then one after chemotherapy was completed (with one in between when I was experiencing symptoms of a blockage, though thankfully, did not have).  This past clean scan was my first after chemo.  They said labs every three months and scans every six for a couple years.  If all goes well, then yearly scans (I'm not sure for how long).  They don't seem to want to think so far ahead.  I realize that last part is probably pretty normal, but does anyone else find that kind of pessimistic (the not thinking too far ahead part)?

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Both my Radiation Oncologist and Oncologist said that if all goes well (which it hasn't for me, but will for you) they keep an eye on your for eight years. 

I know each Oncologist seems to do it differently. 

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