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Colonoscopy and Endoscopy

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Well I'm having both on Wednesday and asking that you keep me in prayers, or good vibes and thoughts that all is normal.  For the last couple months I've been having throat issues.  Just feels swollen and irritated.  Went to ENT last month and he noticed that both nasal passages were inflammed and throat was a little irritated but nothing else.  Some days are good and others not.  I'm scared needless to say.  Your prayers and thoughts for both clear scopes would be much appreciated.

Hugs!  Kim

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Can't be with you physically, but know that I'll be there in spirit, praying for clear results and an answer to your throat issues that has a simple and effective remedy.


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I'll be praying as well as sending good vibes into the universe.  My throat has been swollen and irritated too and it turned out to be nothing.  Tis the season.  Sorry they're getting you coming and going, that's a tough one.  I hope Thursday is here before you know it so you can get your results and get on with relaxing=)

Cathleen Mary
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Kim,  be assured of my prayer and wishes for all good things for you. Once we've had cancer it seems every medical issue is larger than life. Will be waiting to hear.


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Best to you.  Prayers and good thoughts being sent too!

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You're in both my prayers and thoughts. I've been lurking and reading. You've been so helpful to so many people on this list. i will send all the positive vibes your way. Good luck. 

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Prayers and all good things wished for you on the test results.

Hopefully they can remedy the throat issues with some minor meds.

Marie who loves kitties

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Nana b
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You bet!   I also had a sore throat for about 6 months, it went away on its on just as I was going to an ENT guy. The guy doing the endoscopy said they don't normally look at the voice box glad I told him I was having trouble.   


Stay string. 

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I will keep you in my prayers. BTW i have done both at the same time. It was no differnt than doing just a colonoscopy IMO. You will be fine.

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