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Surgery Preparation

Terry T
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Joined: Jun 2014

Hi all –


My surgeon really needs better admin support.  I am a week away from surgery (likely full nephrectomy) and I don’t have any information regarding preparation.  Being over 50, I take a 81 mg aspirin everyday but stopped that but am not sure about other medications I am taking such as Simvastatin, HCTZ and Lisinopril. 


Any advice on what else I should be doing?  I have a pre ops meeting with the surgeon this Thursday but that is 4 days before surgery and if I was to have stopped medication a week before it would be too late. 


I posted earlier here about the difficulty with the admin staff at the surgeon’s office and I registered that complaint with them directly today.  Last thing one needs with this is to have to call back 2 – 3 times before hearing back!

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Think you really need to CALL AN ASK NOW! 

I received all this info. in the mail 2 weeks before, then a week before had my pre-op meeting, then the surgeon called the day before to make sure I was "okay" and if had any more questions.

Asprin and such (as far as I know) are blood thinners.  Not something you want to take before surgery.  I was told to take my BP meds up until the day before, but not day of. I could also take Benadryle eventhe night before.

I know there are websites that have that info as well, if nothing else other than to give you an idea.

But seriously - they really need to talk to you and you to them! 

Only reason I can see of them waiting until 4 days before is that they know what you are on, an there is no reson to worry until them?

But as you said, you sure don't ned the added stress of trying to get a hold of them 8-( 

I had an open, just in case they needed to do a full.  Lucked out an only had a partial.

Again, sorry for their "lacksadaisical" attitude.


Terry T
Posts: 42
Joined: Jun 2014

Thanks for the input.  I call and call...now she did say once that the doctor knows the medications i am on and he would have alerted me if i needed to stop any.  Not surprising, I had to make a payment today and their billing department is very responsive.  Tongue Out

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That is no reason to be so hard to get.  As you said, mention money and they come wunning

You surgery is next week?

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Terry so sorry you are going through this.   Call and call and call and call.  It's sad but if you are too nice they will ignore you.  I have the same problem.  I have to learn to be more assertive :(

Big hug coming your way ()

Terry T
Posts: 42
Joined: Jun 2014

Thanks.  Just got off the phone with the surgeon’s office and she said "just follow the pre op package we gave you" I said "but you didn't schedule my pre op until a few days before surgery and you told me that is fine".  Ultimately no NSAID products or aspirin starting this week before. 

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For what it is worth being on several heart medications the surgeon may want to or have your GP do an EKG before surgery if it has not already been done. Any operation is stressful on your heart and it is important to check it before surgery. Also I suspect they will do a chest xray or chest CT before surgery to confirm that there are no mets.

Now that that will be behind you  need to line up some reading material and/or movies for your downtime the first couple weeks after surgery.



Terry T
Posts: 42
Joined: Jun 2014

I have had the EKG and lung xray and both are good.  Am very much looking forward to getting this thing out.  I have a bit of cold now (hopes that goes away) and it hurts when I cough! And yes, I have some good books lined up already! 

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I wouldn't worry about the bp meds.  I'm on all the same as you, and every dr has told me to take them the night before, no issue.  They don't want your bp spiking should you happen to miss a dose. 


My best advice is to HYDRATE!   Drinks lots of water the entire day before to plump your veins for easier IV insertion, and lessen nausea.  Good luck, sending healing vibes to you!

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A lot of times you will have to do a surgical pre-op at the hospital in advance and the anisthegeologist will look over your meds too. Good luck!

DonMiller's picture
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Make sure you have new batteries in the television remote and cable and netflix bills are paid in full. Organize a confortable and preferably older couch near a bathroom.  Make sure you have plenty of water nearby  for hydration and more importantly to wash down perocets for 3 or 4 days. Take slow but often walks as much as you can.  Try to keep annoying relatives and neighbors out of your house as much as possible.  Otherwise it's a piece of cake 

donna_lee's picture
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Did you have annoying relatives, Don?  That's when you say, "Thanks for stopping to say hello. or Thanks for bringing dinner, but I need to rest/go to the bathroom/lie down/etc."  Remember, the doc is taking out a kidney, not the rod in your spine.


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Joined: Apr 2014

Take an iPad with you!(actually have someone bring it with them so there when you wake up) And make sure you have a charger (the charger was the hotest item at the hospital!)  I told people NOT to stop by, but "talked" all the time to them on the iPad (when I felt like it).  Also could read books, listen to music, and play games - it was a really nice toy to have.

Some good snuggie slipper socks. Ones that you can wear to bed, but have traction.  The louder the colors or pattern the more you will smile.

Oh and your own pillow. It feels better than theirs, yu can put a bright case on it, and...it smells like home.

As for home and annoying relatives...My Mom invited herself for the week after I got home and I ended up taking care of her!  I know she wanted to be needed - but seriously - as much as I love her - she was too much work!  And I had given up drinking (just didn't taste as good). 8-)

One last thing to bring - chapstick.  Nothing flavored - just plain chapstick.

Will be thinking warm happy thoughts for you!  Monday right?



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Just go to the hospital. They make all the arrangements. Do what you are told. No one ever really pays attention to tv, or is able to properly read a newspaper, let alone a book. It is quite an experience. And they will take care of you. It's funny because most people who want to know what it is like, look for ways to not know what it's like. They look for diversions. I say, man up. And lady up too. This is such an important part of the rest of our lives. Missing it, even if it is hard, would be a shame. It shows our character. You'll be fine.

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